This Facebook group has people sharing their best and weirdest secondhand finds (94 pics)

Thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales are essentially new versions of ancient archaeological sites.

Once you enter them, you never know what you’ll find, and after a few hours it’s usually one of two things: either you walk away empty-handed, wondering why you’re wasting so much time, or you stumble upon a hidden gem that makes even those frustrating efforts worth it.

Interestingly, the Vintage and Strange Things You Found Facebook group has the best of both. Its 185,000 members regularly share photos of their most memorable discoveries, and if they don’t inspire you to check out your local secondhand store, I honestly don’t know what will inspire you.

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There is something that looks like glue on the plate and the side of the cup. But other than that it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to drink from it. (I know it probably led. I don’t care)

Roxanne Francine McClatchy Report

Chances are online groups like Vintage and Strange Things You Found will get more and more content. As inflation continues to push buyers deep into their pockets, many are doing everything they can to make or save extra money. One of these options is the sale and purchase of used items.

“Every day we buy 200-300 items” – Style Encore in Lake Charles, Louisiana, owner Stacy Buller. said. An industry that suffered in the midst of the pandemic is now seeing more business with inflation-driven costs.

“During Covid it was pretty slow, but over the past couple of months we have seen our foot traffic get heavier and heavier,” Buller explained.

The bargain market is growing, and according to Buller, women come looking for anything from work to sportswear.

“Ladies come to find a dress for church or casual wear, they are athletic, many return to the gyms.”

Found this unique table while thrift.  Very complicated

Edit: Yes, I know it’s a Ouija board. Yes, he came home with me. I’m just a collector of oddities. Nobody summons demons to my house.

Daniel Osburn Report

Rising prices due to inflation have many shoppers wondering: why pay in full when second-hand stores are full of stolen goods and good deals?

“Many ladies come to sell for that quick cash or they even shop. All of our prices are 50-90% below retail at the big box stores, so they can get a very, very good deal,” Buller added.

bullet hole book

Published in 1896. This is one of the coolest things I have ever found. Not only is it a treasure trove of lost music and poetry, it’s traveled a lot, I found it in a Hollywood thrift store junkyard, and I’m not the only one who found it interesting. There are many inscriptions on it, one of which states that it was a gift from the owner of some store to her friend the writer, and she received it from Texas, who came from South Carolina. (See below.) And another stranger? There’s a damn bullet hole in it! (By the way, the bullet went away.) But why?! If i knew. Was it in someone’s pocket? In the cabin? In someone’s library? Why a bullet hole? Why?!
Edit: I’m so glad you all find this as interesting and charming as I do! I have added more photos for you all to enjoy! It also turns out that Sadie Gollitan was living in Nashville around that time. What a weird but cool name.

Lisa Marie Wardell Report

But it’s not just physical stores where people can earn extra money. According to a 2021 study, the average American has 36 junk items worth $3,675 in their home that they can cash out. report on eBay online marketplace.

The paper looks at what motivated second hand sellers last year and finds that the majority of sellers who were new to eBay said they started selling used goods just to make some money.

The report reflects that the pandemic has forced more people to buy and sell on its platform. Revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 was up 28%, while gross merchandise — the value of goods sold on the platform — was up 21%. For the full year, revenue grew 19% and gross sales increased 17% to over $100 billion.

I hope this is the right place to share: Alice in Wonderland fans will love this.

I bought, or should I say, convinced my mother to buy me these fancy earrings in the early nineties. This is polymer clay and a puppet.

Ashley Davis Report

While sellers said they needed to make money, buyers were spending money freely on collectible sneakers, luxury watches, and trading cards.

ebay, said Trading card sales are up 142% in 2020, with 4 million more cards sold than in 2019.

“When times are tough, people tell us they go back to the things that make them happy, and often it’s a passion—collecting things like comics or trading cards—things that make people happy.” — Bradford Schellhammer, Vice President of Purchasing eBay experience, said.

So I think we can really only live on bread and games.

I couldn’t find too much on Googs, curious if anyone knows anything else about this?

Reyan Kay Report

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I found these legs on an exchange a few years ago in Conway, Arkansas. They are light, like papier-mâché on styrofoam. (see photo on the side)
I have no idea, other than a great talking point, what they were originally made for, do you?

Brenda Leger Report

This fabulous girl was at the property sale I went to today!

She didn’t come home with me because it was only cash and I spent all my money!

Rene Jae Report

yard sale cutie

She’s about 4-5 inches tall and has a pocket under her chin that has a built in ball to put a kitchen towel in and keep it there. Towels are easy to change. It’s screwed to the wall next to my kitchen sink!

Rene Yates Report

We found a pet hippo at the farmer's market today!

I think I’ll call him Henry, I think it might be Henrietta. Does anyone care about the gender of my pet hippo???
I love that it’s in a sexy pose!

Carla Shannon McCreery Report

I've been looking for a pet hippo since I first heard the term in this group

Today I found her! She is 3 inches long, hand painted and vintage. The artist’s name is signed at the bottom – Basil Matthews. There are several articles on the Behemoth House – I thought they brought good luck. And I stick to the theory of luck

Diane Cook Report

I recently found 4 sketches by Norman Bridwell, author of Clifford's Big Red Dog.

They are about 30 x 19 inches and were laminated when I found them. They were sent to school after he spoke there

Bill DiGiovanni Report

I bought this lamp a few years ago.  It was in storage for a while until I could find the right shade.

Now they are married for life, of course it was a thrift store purchase, I can’t remember the price, but you know me, I’m frugal

Jonathan Holmberg Report

Incredible find today!

My daughter took it and already soaked it into her bedroom.

Rebecca Fe Report

I petted my daughter/son-in-law while my granddaughter was at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for scheduled appointments for just over a week

When they returned today, my daughter gave me the best present ever! Fiona’s pet hippo!!! I’ve been looking and haven’t found a pet hippo yet, but this one is perfect

Kathy Zeltner Report

Here I am in my backyard in last Saturday's work ensemble, which is basically a dress (with a full petticoat underneath) over a skirt

Vintage details – cap and gloves. All other details (except for the skirt) were also saved, as was Kalma’s hat.

Michelle Trebilko Report

We found this cool piece of wrought iron today and I'm trying to figure out what it could have been made of.

In any case, I love it.
I’m thinking of painting it yellow, orange and red to represent the sun and hang it somewhere on the porch. What other ideas do you have about this? It is quite heavy.. weighs about 15 pounds.

Megan Evans Report

Royal Worcester Egg Coder

I think (??) 1931-1950s, judging by the stamp. My mom got it as a gift from a neighbor many years ago. It was a wedding present and my mom thinks they might have gotten married in the 40s or 50s. She was going to sell it at a garage sale, but I thought it was cool and took it home. There is even an instruction.

Corrie Hemminger Report

I don't drive and I save the most by following the market religiously.

I found this whole collection for $30 and it’s gone.
They belonged to his recently deceased wife.
5 rainbow skull bottles not photographed

Denise Sandra Report

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