This Facebook group shares 140 posts that showcase the worst and best of Twitter (new pics).

Twitter is a platform that people either love or hate. Some believe the microblogging website is perfect for real-time engagement, however, others say it’s a “highly opinionated cesspool” that’s just screwing everyone up.

Our post on the Facebook group ‘The Best and Worst of Twitter’ will give you an idea of ​​how polarizing it can be.

But if you need more convincing (or just want to enjoy more chaos), you’re in luck. Since we released the piece, the group has grown to about 45K members and now unites about 220K of them. Naturally, such rapid growth, coupled with the activity of old timers, spawned a lot of new content.

So on to us Guess it’s about time we collect their latest posts and release part 2!

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