This Facebook page shares “Things That Help You Hmmmmmmmmm” and here are its 50 best posts.

Meme culture is one of those things that never fails to make our gloomy days a little brighter. Catchphrases, ideas, or something related to behavior – what is considered a “meme” is different, yet everyone recognizes it when they see it.

It has become one of the most important sources of entertainment on the web. Most of the time, internet memes are very relatable and can start a conversation between anyone in just a moment.

Turns out there is a Facebook page called Things that make you go hmmm Which brings together textless, usually surreal images that can make you question reality and wonder if your vision is playing some cheeky trick on you.

Maybe the photo doesn’t make sense, or the person captured in it is doing something silly – whatever it is, chances are you’ll say “hmmm” at least a couple of times.

The page has about 115K likes and over 340K followers, and today, has collected some of his best posts.

More information: Facebook contacted the creator of the “Things that Make You Go Hmmm” page, Chris Twittonand he agreed to answer a few of our questions.

“The story behind this page is actually quite interesting: I used to scale meme pages on FB and sell them. There was a time when I was living off of meme income alone!” Chris started.

“I ran that page alone, getting content from Reddit and Facebook groups. I’m a Canadian growth marketer who owns an agency called ‘Spacebar Collective,’ who also specialized in growth hacking from 2014 to 2018. Facebook was a channel that was largely dismissed as a pay-to-one platform, but I found massive algorithmic feats that allowed me to grow pages from 10k to 50k monthly likes. . The strategy relies on using predictive analytics to determine which posts will get 100k+ impressions based on their first 10 minutes of engagement.”

BP also wondered what motivated the man to create the page, to which he replied: “There is a limited window of time to know when feats like this actually work. (Before Facebook’s notice), I looked to Reddit to find communities with content available in high volume and where they were underserved on Facebook. r/hmmm There was a huge source of content and at the time the biggest pages on Facebook with similar names only had 10k page likes. I knew I could outdo them within a week or two, so I started the page and started growing it. I repeated this strategy for a few different niches, including the Funny and Sad Things page. Please press F

Finally, we asked Tweten Why he thinks memes play such an important role in modern society: “Memes are the biggest art movement in human history and they’re here to stay. Margin. Memes are easy to make, but have become a new medium of communication. is capable of expressing emotions in entirely new ways.”

Now, most people would agree that social media is an unusual place. It offers a ton of content that is able to distract you from all the possible problems that exist in our lives.

It is true that with the introduction of the web, our lives have become more manageable. We are now able to reach out to our friends and relatives without ever having to leave our beds, find random information we need for our studies, or surf for viral videos that interest us. Helps to get through the day again and again. However, the Internet also comes with a downside.

Encountering internet trolls and stumbling across harmful content is inevitable, which is why social media can be such an unpleasant place. There are no filters, and people are allowed to give opinions that may harm other people’s mental health.

Let’s not forget about all the fake reality that is so easily manipulated and carefully crafted by influencers on Instagram. Over the years, we’ve become so detached from our world that we often misplace our values ​​and worry about things that clearly don’t matter – and our definition of success. By the number of likes we get under our mirror selfies.

That said, it might be good to embrace the positive aspects of social media platforms and focus on the things that bring our society together. Following pages and creators who share fun but safe content will not only keep your mental health safe but also get those endorphins flowing.

Memes play an important role in our daily lives, especially in an internet-dependent world. As humans, we experience a lot of emotions – stress, guilt, stress, you name it – and we all like to feel like we’re not alone. So when something unpleasant, some kind of stress, turns into a funny meme, people can deal with it better knowing that there are others who feel exactly the same way.

In short, memes are one of the best advantages of our world system. They improve our mood, make us feel less lonely and most importantly, give us a chance to relax when our days get a little too busy. hopes you enjoyed this collection of interesting photos. Tell us who has inspired you the most.

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