This fan theory proved to be about Patrick Dempsey’s exit from ‘Avoid Anatomy’.

The views of many fans can be taken with a grain of salt, as people like to come up with all kinds of rumors about celebrities. But in the case of Patrick Dempsey and his exit from ‘Avoid Anatomy’, the audience was right.

It’s been a long time since Patrick left the show. They What Return to setting up this remarkable dream. In the years that followed with Alan Pompeo, fans who actually shared their thoughts on why he left the show knew he was right.

Fans suggest Patrick Dempsey’s personal life affected

A full six years ago, a fan posted on Reddit, speculating that there was “something wrong” with Patrick Dempsey’s exit. He suggested that going out was not as “smooth” and “clean” as other actors did.

In addition, fans expressed surprise, with the show’s creator, Shonda Reims, even being told that she “never thought” of killing McDream. The audience was thinking that Shonda was suddenly informed that Dempsey would leave and they would have to mix something so that the show could run smoothly without him.

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Fans agreed that Patrick’s departure from the show did not go well, and that the demise of his character did not seem to have worked hard. Therefore, they assumed that it had been hastened and that there was one important factor that caused Patrick to step back: his marriage.

Fans though Patrick Dempsey’s marriage left him.

In their very best collection. TheoryOne fan claimed that Patrick’s temporary divorce proceedings (Dempsey and his wife later canceled the divorce) may have affected the show. Some commentators even said that Patrick’s wife, Jillian Funk, did not want the show to continue.

Interestingly, after he left the series, they arranged their marriage and are still together today – and seemingly happy.

There was a point in the audience about Patrick’s relationship.

So how did fan theory turn out? Fans Were All right, Patrick’s job Thrown a wrench at her wedding (And vice versa). Due to the long hours on the set (‘avoidance’ was a big commitment), sources say, Jallian’s claim that her husband had a “lack of time” was justified.

Clearly, it was not just seeing each other that caused the couple’s marriage problems. But being a big and busy star, Patrick probably didn’t help their home life, and that was one of the reasons the couple almost separated.

Patrick even admitted on one occasion that he should have given up “Gree’s anatomy” for his personal life. Fans probably don’t. Such as That they were right, but it’s interesting that they are. Were.

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