This favorite Disney family movie was full of lies

It is quite obvious these days that many people do not know where to turn when they are looking for the truth. Of course, it goes without saying that Hollywood is not the best place to look for facts. After all, most Hollywood films are based on fiction, with many stars admitting to cheating on their roles, and celebrities being constantly caught in lies.

For all the reasons Hollywood distrusts ordinary people, moviegoers often take things at face value. As a result, when a film claims to be based on a true story, most viewers expect the portrayal of the events they see to be somewhat sensational, but mostly accurate. However, in some cases, films that claim to be based on true events turn out to be full of this. For example, although The Texas Chainsaw Massacre claimed to be based on true events, the film was fictional, except that Leatherface’s crimes were very weakly inspired by a real criminal. Of course, when Disney releases a biopic, most viewers expect the biopic to be much more accurate. However, as it turns out, the beloved Disney movie, Remember the Titans, is full of lies.


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Remember the less important tricks of the titans

According to recent reports, Margot Robbie is keen to play Britney Spears in a biopic. If Robbie ever fulfilled her wish, fans would be happy to see a film that excludes the compressed timeline of certain events from Spears’ life that were not integral to her story. Likewise, when the people behind Remember the Titans worked on the script for the film, they took quite understandable liberties. However, many fans will be very sad to learn about the less important Cheats Remember the Titans contained

Remember the Titans fans will no doubt know that one of the most touching relationships in the film is that of assistant coach Bill Yoast and his daughter, soccer superfan Cheryl. Unfortunately, the film’s portrayal of the father-daughter relationship is extremely misleading. For example, Sherrill wasn’t Bill’s only child as he had four children, and he even told producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he was angry that his other children had been erased. On top of that, unlike how she is portrayed in the film, Cheryl didn’t really care much about soccer in real life.

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Aside from all the deception surrounding Sherrill, the portrayal of the events of Remember the Titans changed the story in several other ways that didn’t really matter. For example, when Coach Boone throws a banana to his opponent, Coach Tyrell, at the end of the game, it doesn’t. It’s also worth noting that Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass objected to being portrayed as an over-the-top hippie. On top of that, all of the Virginia High School Hall of Fame talk in Remember the Titans is based on nothing, as that didn’t exist when the movie took place.

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Remember the titans lied about racism

In the years since the release of Remember the Titans, it has become one of the most beloved sports films of all time. Of course, there are many reasons for this, including stellar performances and great sporting events. However, the main reason audiences adore the film so much is the film’s inspiring story of exceptional coaches and young athletes who overcome racism. With this in mind, it is incredible to know that from all sources, Remember that the Titans grossly exaggerate the racism the team faced in real life.

Of course, anyone who tries to pretend that there was no racism in Alexandria during the 1971 football season is full of it. However, judging by the stories of people who lived in the city depicted in “Remember the Titans” at that time, everything was basically harmonious. For example, former TC Williams student Adrienne T. Washington wrote about her experience in the Washington Times. “The film’s red year – 1971, when the high schools were consolidated after even more pressure from the federal government – comes half a decade after many of us have paved the way for the harmonious race relations that the film highlights.”

When he recorded the commentary track Remember the Titans, the real Bill Yoast revealed that T.K. Williams was not completely isolated until the 1971 school year. On top of that, Titans advocate Ron “Sunshine” Bass told Greenville News about the reality of 1971 racial tensions in Alexandria. “They (in the film) had a black-and-white community, and in 1971 in Alexandria it wasn’t like that.” Finally, a TC Williams teacher named Patrick Welch spoke to the Washington Post about the same topic. “My friend Bill Yoast … told me that Disney took liberties with the facts, suggesting an overheated atmosphere of racial animosity and fear in school and in a society that simply did not exist.”

Aside from all these quotes, there are other basic facts about racism in Alexandria in 1971 that Remember the Titans lied about. For example, the Titans played against other desegregated soccer teams. Even more egregious, there were no protests outside TC Williams on the first day of school.

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