This Former Royal Marine Is Sharing Life-Saving Tips, and Here Are 25 of the Best (New Photos)

Life, generally speaking, is becoming more convenient. Also, we humans have developed a great dependence on technology. We are so used to taking it easy that even a simple thing like lack of power can throw us to the ground.

That means it’s as important as ever to practice being comfortable with the uncomfortable. And one way to do that is by following Robin, a former Royal Dutch Marine known online as Dutchin the USA.

Sharing survival and safety tips everyone can benefit from, he introduces the different types of situations and shows how keeping a clear head can help you avoid all kinds of dangers.

Attention bored panda Readers will remember that we Robin. but already done a piece, but she’s uploaded so much useful content since then, we just had to do a follow-up.

more info: instagram , TIC Toc

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