This ‘Full House’ star made full headway after being on the show.

The 90s was a decade with one hit sitcom coming out one after another, and TV fans have been incredibly lucky during that decade. They were given shows like Boy meets the world, Seinfeld and Friends, Just to name a few. It doesn’t even touch the surface of what was available in that era.

Full house is one of the best sitcoms of the 90s, and the show got all the little things right, and its legacy is embodied in the small screen. Over time, stories emerged of the cast, including one member who had a fall and subsequent rebirth after the series ended.


Let’s take a look at Full house and an actor who had an incredible story of redemption.

Full House is a still talked about classic

Full house is one of the largest and most successful shows of all time, and the vast majority of people have spent some time with the Tanner clan. They were an absolute riot on the small screen and taught us valuable lessons that we can apply today.

With some really impressive names in the lead, Full house they had a complex line-up that worked well with their scripts. Regardless of age or experience level, each actor has contributed to the show’s success, and one small change in any important role would have a profound impact on the show’s ability to succeed.

In the series, Jody Sweetin played Stephanie Tanner, the middle sister. Stephanie was hilarious and even had a cult line. Svitin was young, but she was fantastic while the cameras were on.

Jodie Sweetin essentially grew up on the show, but once it’s over, the actress’s life will take unexpected turns. This is something she’s been pretty frank about over the years, sharing some insight into how things have been for her.

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Jodie Sweetin had a rough time behind the scenes

For example, Svitin talked about the first time she was intoxicated, and this moment had a profound impact on the next stage of her life.

According to Svitin“I probably had two bottles of wine and was only 14. This first drink gave me the confidence I’ve been looking for all my life. But it set a pattern for how I would drink. “

Svitin talked in detail about the spirals of addiction and how it affected her life.

“I tried to deceive me. It was hard for people to believe that I was taking so many drugs. I looked at the photos from that event and didn’t even look worried, ”she wrote in her book.

The actress even spoke openly about how her own mother’s addiction affected her and the parallels she saw with her own addiction.

“I’ve heard stories about how my mom dumped me to go to a party. And for years I thought, “Fuck her. How can someone do this to their child? “When I began to see that my own addiction was preventing me from being a mom, I finally realized that if you’re not in the right place to sober up, you’re not ready to be a mom,” she wrote.

Fortunately, everything worked out for the actress.

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Jody Sweetin changed everything and recovered

It was not an easy journey, but Jodie Sweetin was able to change her life. For a time, she even worked as a “clinical logistics coordinator at a drug rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.” Sober people… Given her public platform, she has shared her story with people of all ages in the hopes that she can help them get back on track.

“I talk about my experiences growing up in the entertainment business, what my life was like after that, some of the hardships and things I went through, and where my life is today. This is a story with a message about a second chance and a twist. events and the opportunity to overcome some adversity, ”she said.

Not being a successful actress, Svitin triumphantly returned to the small screen when Fuller House went on the air. It was amazing to see her in action again as one of the Tanner sisters, and Sweetin was able to continue the show as if time had not passed.

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Jody Sweetin is proof that a hard time doesn’t have to define the rest of someone’s life. She is currently doing well in sobriety when she becomes a successful actress again. It was truly amazing to see.

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