This guy made his elderly neighbor Karen stop filming him while working in the garden, making sexy poses

Continuing with our topic about neighbors who annoy the hell out of us – after this recent topic about a woman who was tired of being her neighbor’s “FedEx” – we have another am i wrong here? the piece where the guy refused to film in his own backyard.

But the plot twist, the conversation with cameraman didn’t work so cinephile went on strike Hey sexy postures and a lot of internet karma not only for being a creative guy but also for showing how to properly handle clumsy older neighbors.

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You think you can safely work in the yard, but sometimes we don’t have nice things because the neighbor decides to film you for no reason.

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Meet u/sexywaterhose – a beautiful nickname, I must say – who, along with his sister, recently inherited his father’s house. The house is in desperate need of some maintenance at the moment, so OP spends the morning and evening doing some work, including watering the grass outside.

Everything would be fine, but there is one unpleasant detail in this situation – a neighbor. The older woman next door, despite the introduction and the OP’s attempt to be friendly, acts a little awkward. How embarrassing?

This guy recently shared his story about his neighbor filming him working in the yard, so he decided to take revenge.

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Well, whenever the OP went out to complete his herbal obligations, the older woman would take out her phone and start filming. And this happened every single day. Why? To make sure he’s up to no good. Which is fair enough, but really, why film someone gardening, let alone be so awkward?

After a while, repeating the same thing over and over again, the OP decided that enough was enough and he needed to fight fire with fire … well, rather strange with sexuality.

Since the neighbor got into the habit of just walking up to him and filming everything, he decided to spice things up with a targeted pose.

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So, one morning, while he is watering the grass, the neighbor comes out and starts filming. OP sticks his ass out without hesitation, puts his hand on his thigh and starts staring at her, everything is so sexy.

And indeed, it worked – the woman was simply dumbfounded with disbelief in what was happening. But the show isn’t over yet guys, OP takes it up a notch and starts pouring water over himself from the running water while seductively touching his neck and looking right at it.

In particular, it was sexual posing, all hands on hips, ass stretched out and everything is just great

Image Source: sexual

Image Source: Jacob George (not real photo)

“Was that stupid? Yes,” the OP explained, but you know what? IT WORKS. The neighbor immediately put away the phone, scolded him and called him a pervert.

The OP later spoke to his sister, who was discreetly protective of the old lady, saying that she just probably had nothing else to do and that was it, so “sexually harassing” her was a little inappropriate. But the guy had a different opinion, so he went to the Am I The A-Hole community on Reddit to find out what was what.

And people on the internet liked it and they also pointed out that there is nothing in it dried what is he doing here – just awkwardly fighting sexual

And people on the internet liked the story as it was a bit different given the usual AITA story.

While everyone thought the guy wasn’t a bad guy, people were actually more interested in the video taken by the elderly neighbor. But jokes aside, people did offer to learn about the laws of sound recording and how they work, because it smells like a lawsuit waiting in the wings.

Others suggested calling her a pervert, especially given all that sexy vibe in the background – let her try her own medicine? Yet others have begun to speculate why this might be in the first place, wondering if OP is of another race or is she just an overprotective older woman?

Be that as it may, the post gained more than 25,000 votes and likes. well— a handful of Reddit awards, 64 to be exact as of this writing. So, go check it outlook what everyone else has said and really don’t leave just yet because we want to hear your thoughts on this and what kind of sexy positions you would have in the comment section below!

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