This is exactly what fans are expecting from the new ‘Law and Order’ reboot.

11 years after its last episode, 20 Seasons Crime Series, peace. Ready to return to our screens!

Fans were excited after the news of his return. Favorite Emmy winning series., peace.. On September 28, the official NBC Twitter account retweeted a Wolf Entertainment post confirming the return of the beloved hit series.

The Twitter video was posted, starting with a simple black screen because the words “eleven years later …” were typed in white letters. After that, the classic. peace. The theme song was played while the words “Stories continue” were displayed. The video ended with the “Season Twenty One” with the main logo.

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The series is yet to be cast. deadline The 21st installment is scheduled ” Feature of beloved characters From the original series. ”

The article also included words for the upcoming season. peace. Executives, such as series creator Dick Wolf. He expressed his passion for revival as he said, “There are very few things in life that literally make dreams come true. It’s mine.”

Susan Rowner, chairman of entertainment content at NBC Universal Television and Streaming, said: With the idea of ​​partnership, no less than excitement, this is great news for NBC as well as TV viewers everywhere.

And it seemed like Rowner was right, after the announcement, fans not only took to Twitter to express their excitement but also shared their expectations for the upcoming season.

For example, one said, “Better can’t come on time! In this day and time almost every series of empty, shallow, deep exits, peace and order will breathe fresh air …

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Many fans shed light on who they wanted to see return to the show. Original cast. One said, “Add ADA Carmichael or Southlyn and Linus Roche, Det. Logan, Curtis, Bernard and Van Brain and Peter Stone, make Jack McCoy DA.

Another added, “Hopefully you’re bringing back Jack McCoy and Lieutenant Van Brain. Both Date Green and Date-Curtis can use the new jobs again.”

Others appealed to the authors. Pay attention to the story of the season. Instead of focusing on the characters’ personal lives, on crime stories.

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