This is how child star Eric Per Sullivan went from “Malcolm in the Spotlight” to disappearing from Hollywood

Eric Per Sullivan is best known for his role as Dewey, one of the younger brothers on the FOX television show. Malcolm in the spotlight (starring Frankie Munis and Brian Cranston), which went off the air fifteen years ago. The show ran from 2000 to 2006 and dominated television with fun actors and lessons in family values. At the same time, Sullivan played in other roles, such as Christmas with Freaks, Joe Dirt, Finding Nemo and more. He seemed to have a promising acting career ahead of him. However, his last acting merit was in 2010.

But like many other child stars such as Angus T. Jones and Amanda Bynes, Eric Per Sullivan fell off the grid, didn’t play, and almost disappeared from Hollywood.

What happened to the actor that made him quit acting? This is how Eric Per Sullivan stopped being Malcolm in the spotlight star to disappear from Hollywood.

eight His role in “Malcolm in the Middle”

Sullivan played younger brother, Dewey, in the series until the season four finale, when Lois’ mother gave birth to her fifth son, Jamie. Dewey was eccentric and at times moody, being 5 years younger than his next older brother, Malcolm. Viewers first saw him as a six-year-old boy in first grade, and by the end of the series, Dewey was in high school and was 12 years old.


7 Eric Peer Sullivan’s active credits

Though Malcolm in the spotlight was his most famous role, Sullivan starred in many other productions as a child. His first role was unregistered in Armageddon (1998). His breakthrough role was in Cider production rules (1999) and then of course Malcolm… After that Sullivan played Spike Frommeyer in Christmas with freaks, Sheldon’s Seahorse, in Finding Nemo and other notable roles. His last film was in 2010, where he played a character named Timmy in an action movie, Twelve.

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6 The awards he won

Unsurprisingly, Sullivan, while on one of the most popular shows of the 2000s, was nominated and received numerous awards. In 2000, he received the Young Stars Award for Best Young Ensemble Actor: Television. Malcolm in the spotlight and has been nominated for several Teen Choice Awards and Young Artist Awards. However, the only win he won was 2003 Young Artist for Best Ensemble in a Series (Comedy or Drama).

5 Why Eric Per Sullivan quit acting

There really isn’t a definite reason why Sullian quit acting. Perhaps he just wanted to live a normal life, as he spent most of his childhood in film and television. He just wants him to live a very personal life. Sullivan also studied piano and alto saxophone, as well as taekwondo, so he is very busy with these pursuits.

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4 His life after action

Giving up life in Hollywood, Sullivan studied at the University of Southern California in 2009 and K.D. in the class of acting. However, it is unclear what he studied at USC. His Malcolm in the spotlight In 2009, co-star Frankie Muniz tweeted that he was in college and what they were talking about recently at the time.

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3 Eric Peer Sullivan’s current capital

In accordance with Celebrity Net Worth, Sullivan’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at about $ 3 million. compared to his co-stars Munis and Cranston, who make more than $ 30 million, his net worth has plummeted. He made most of his money from acting, and the rest from Malcolm in the spotlight.

2 Where is Eric Per Sullivan today?

Little is known about where the 30-year-old man is today. However, he does not appear to be married and posts photos to Instagram from time to time. Sullivan seems to be living a normal life. However, fans miss him on their screens and would like to see him return to Malcolm in the spotlight reunion or act altogether.

one Fans still talk about his legacy as Dewey

Even after 15 years Malcolm in the spotlight remains a hot topic in pop culture, and Eric Per Sullivan’s role as Dewey continues to be the focus of attention for many people. All over Twitter, users compare themselves to his quirky and light-hearted persona, they remember what life was like when he graced our screens, and they yearn for Eric Per Sullivan and Dewey.

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