This is how Mark Hopes of Blank 182 is doing during his cancer treatment.

Bassist And Singer Mark Hopes. Is the only original member of Blink 182 Still in the band, with Matt Schiba. And Travis Barker. It was with this band that he began the genre of pop punk music, and the New York Times wrote in 2011 that the band was the most influential punk group of the 1990s. It’s been a long time since then, and fans have never felt more like this summer, when they’re walking with a California-born musician and his fight with him. Stage 4 lymphoma.

It was an amazing assessment for fans everywhere and for Mark himself. When he went to investigate the lump, he did not see many symptoms, and soon he was gone. A catastrophic diagnosis And have entered the world of blood work, chemotherapy, prescription drugs, appointments, and disease. After five rounds of chemotherapy, Mark Hopps is now doing it.

She has completed her chemotherapy.

After five rounds of chemotherapy, Mark Hopes is finally treated. He frequently shared photos of himself with an IV, trying to break the mystery and stigma about chemotherapy treatment.

It felt terrible.

Mark Hopes had previously described how weak he felt during chemotherapy, comparing himself to a “poisonous, electric zombie” when he was undergoing his first treatment. The second round of treatment felt like the “worst flu ever,” and the third treatment left him with nausea and constant sickness in his stomach. Now that he has finished chemotherapy, he does not feel much better than before but still knows that he is improving and will still rest a lot as his body continues to recover.

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Her hair is growing back.

Fans who are misguided. Bald head Mark Hopes was playing. During his treatment, his hair is growing back. This will give him relief. He had a sense of humor about the issue, tweeting, “Cancer ass head trying to grow some hair. Oooh. Little head.”

His servant had some advice for him.

We know that Mark Hopes was feeling good enough to have fun with band mate Tom DeLong in the text series DeLong posted on Twitter. He said he wanted to be a good friend of Hopes and give her some good advice. The text thread makes fun of DeLong, in real Blank 182 fashion, “Time to live

He didn’t know at first how serious it was.

First Mark Hopes. Texted your doctor About a lump in his shoulder that he had been lying on for a few days. “Where should I be concerned and what has been looked at?” He asked her. He told her he needed to see her immediately, and he went in later that day. Two months later, Mark Hopes confirmed his diagnosis to fans, explaining that he spreads large B cell lymphoma in stage 4. He was told that he had started chemotherapy and was optimistic about his diagnosis.

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‘It’s useless and I’m scared’

Fans praised her for being honest about her treatment, clearly sharing her fears rather than pretending to be calm and unaffected. “I have cancer. It’s useless and I’m scared, and at the same time I’ve been given incredible doctors and family and friends to get me out of it. They reassured fans that they’ll be on stage sometime soon.” Come back and party, as soon as he beats cancer in a concert.

It made steady progress.

Mark Hopes was definitely in the right mood to get into chemotherapy: determined to defeat it. He tweeted: “I’m going to beat her with chemotherapy or bone marrow transplants, but I’m determined to put the cancer straight into the nuts anyway. Love you all.” His determination certainly paid off, as subsequent tweets described steady improvement. “Yesterday was hell for me and I woke up feeling better today. I went for a walk, and I had a good breakfast, and I didn’t feel like I was going to throw today, so we’ll take it as a win. This era of chemo was not completely stuck on the sofa, sad. I’ve actually seen movies and cleaned the house and walked around with my dogs. ”

He created a ‘cancer garden’

Along with a thought-provoking post and photos, Mark Hopes explained his idea of ​​creating a “cancer garden” where he grows altered varieties of plants because his disease makes him feel “attached to them.” He wrote: “I kept a small Cancer Garden in the yard with modified varieties because I feel connected to them through the mutation of my cells. I sit here with them in the morning, drink coffee, and We’re ‘good’, it’s weird … ‘ [sic]”

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He started playing music again.

When Mark Hopes shared a video of himself playing the bass for the first time since his diagnosis in late July, fans breathed a sigh of relief. I was a great sign that the singer and songwriter was feeling like their regular self as his treatment progressed. He performed Blank 182’s song “Not Now” on a Twitch stream in 2005.

He is urging people to check.

Now that Mark Hopes is well, he often goes on social media to urge others to see a doctor for a checkup if they see a lump or something else. She is terrified of what would have happened if she had left him alone, and she has posted her Instagram stories to urge people to trust their instincts and not hesitate to go to the doctor.

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Travis Barker in MTV VMA.
Travis Barker of Blank 182 is almost completely covered with a new body tattoo.

Travis has welcomed a new tattoo featuring a well-detailed skull by tattoo artist Choi Quentinar.

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