This is how Rosie Huntington Whitley is adding to her net worth of 30 30 million.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley was easily one of Victoria’s secret angels at one point (even). The company canceled the angels. And Signed Megan Repino, which became controversial.). In addition, she modeled for the likes of Burberry, Bedley Musca, Oscar de la Renta, Moshino, and many more.

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After years in the fashion industry, Huntington Whitley became a fashion icon. More importantly, it is now valued at 30 million. And today, it looks like Huntington Whitley is ready to add to that in the coming months.

He had the opportunity to build his brand as soon as possible.

While Huntington White was working on the runway regularly, opportunities for design collaboration arose, and she was not overjoyed. However, she has always dreamed of becoming a designer. “I always wanted to go to fashion college,” the model told Vogue. I went to the model and I thought: ‘Well, it will at least give me some experience in the industry and I hope to work with different designers from all over the world,’ which I managed to do. What ”

At the same time, Huntington Whitley already knew that designing would be a smart business venture. “I wanted to make sure I had some form of security that didn’t just depend on my appearance. I wanted to use my brain, explore it in different ways and try new things. So when Marx and Spencer wanted to work with Huntington Whitley on the lingerie line, he took the opportunity.

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When it launched, the Rosie for Autograph collection included French knickers, lingerie sets, and even kimono-style clothing. Huntington Whitley worked on his design for more than a year. “I wanted the collection to feel stunning, beautiful and feminine.” He said to Eli.

Later, it also collaborated with M&S and launched its first perfume market. “We are delighted to be working with Rosie on the launch of her first fragrance,” said Joe Jenkins, director of beauty and lingerie at Marks & Spencer. “Our customers are huge fans of Rosie for autograph lingerie collaboration, and I’m excited to be able to bring such a beautiful, sexual scent to our M&S Beauty offering to complement it.” Over the years, Huntington Whitley’s partnership with M&S has expanded to swimwear.

She set up her own beauty business on maternity leave.

Huntington Whitley returned with her first child, Jason Statham, in 2017 (she recently announced that she was expecting her second child). And raising a child is hard work, it certainly hasn’t stopped her from starting a beauty business. At this point in her life, she was no longer interested in waiting for opportunities to come to her. “I always want to be in control of my life.” Huntington Whitley told NetA Porter..

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So, she came up with Rose Inc. The site describes itself as “the daily editorial destination for the beauty of everything: make-up tutorials, revealing interviews, visual eye candy, and Rosie Huntington Whitley as self-tried, tested and approved products.” When it first launched, Huntington Whitley also made it clear that she had “ambitions and goals” for her website. “I have a clear vision of what I want to make of it,” he added. In just a few years, fans will realize it. He had big plans for the future. For his business

He just started a new business.

Today, Rose Inc. has become more than just a beauty editorial page. Recently, Huntington Whitley introduced Rose Ink Makeup and Skin Care Line. She is proud to offer products that are free of veganism and cruelty. “For me, from day one, it was important that Rose Ink was a brand based on ease and visibility. A brand that provides clear formulas and medically proven results,” said Huntington Whitley. “Not only was it something I wanted from my beauty product, but I also saw that my audience was really asking for it,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

As it turns out, Huntington-Whitley relied on feedback on her Rose Inc. site as she prepared to start her new business. The model and entrepreneur explained, “I really took the time to study the data and analytics from the editorial site.” “It was amazing to see my audience and community change products, brands, articles, price points and colors so you can get more product notifications in the coming months.”

Meanwhile, when the company was developing its product, Huntington Whitley was determined to make sure it was suitable for all skin types because he himself suffers from skin problems. Explaining, she said, “I have always been diligent about my skin care routine since I have acne prone skin, but I make my daily beauty routine as simple and as simple as possible. It’s about simplification. ” “All of Rose Inc.’s products are multi-purpose, with skin care benefits and non-comedogenic (which means they won’t close the holes).”

Currently, Rose Inc.’s products are available online and in Sephora. Huntington Whitley also says that “new products are falling at a rate of 10 to 12 weeks.”

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