This is how the movie ‘ET’ cost a candy company millions in potential revenue.

The movie ‘ET: The Extra-Terrestrial’ surprised many critics. In 1982, the concept of an animatronic / puppet stranger was adopted by a single child with a careless mother, a very courageous one.

Of course, the fact that it is still a recognizable film today, almost four decades later, only proves that it is sometimes worthwhile to take a chance in the film industry. Especially for stars like Drew Barry Moore, Who fortunately started his career. Elliott’s younger sister.

Although this is not a good story. Although Steven Spielberg made himself successful with ‘ET’, not everyone who was offered a potentially lucrative pie chose to participate. That is, the staff arrived from a candy company with an offer of a promotional partnership, but. Someone Absolutely wrong decision

This sounds like a very good true rumor, but it has been confirmed that, in fact, Spielberg’s team reached Mars, the parent company of M&M. It is said that the purpose was to make a promotional deal which included chocolate candies. Snoops.

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But Mars said no to the opportunity to cooperate on the ad deal. Of course, the deal would cost them 1 million, with the same amount of candy ads in ‘ET’ ads. Although, they. no M&M paid to be featured in the film.

The Mars company probably kicked itself out decades later, though, because they missed the opportunity, and another candy left M&M’s popularity chart behind.

When Mars turned down ET’s offer, the production company moved to another candy company with a similar product – with pieces by Hershey Reese. Hershey chose the deal, which allowed him to use ‘ET’ in his commercials – there was little risk at the time, as no one knew how popular the film would be.

For those whose memories are blurred, let’s take a look at why they used pieces of Reese in ‘ET’. Knitting

And a few weeks after the movie fell, Reese’s piece sales “went through the roof.” Snoops.


Via BuzzFeed.

Calling it a. Product placement failed, Business Insider Note that Mars Could do Has increased their sales by an incredible margin. As things turned out, Hershey’s profits increased by 65% ​​immediately after the film’s release.

Clearly, Hershey made the right decision, because ET still has the power to sell. Of “Baby from ET” and the puppet itself. Published some time ago in Comcast’s commercial. But Mars also missed out on the ‘Senfield’ product placement offer. Too bad for them!

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Here is Spielberg’s classic ET, a traumatic family film.

In 1982, Steven Spielberg brought to the screen one of the greatest family films ever, ‘ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.’

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