This is possibly Shia Labeouf’s most ridiculous tattoo

While Shia LaBeouf once starred in very innocent films, from the 2003s Holes by 2006 Disturbia, the actor is known for having been involved in many scandals and strange news over the past few years. Fans wondered if Shia LaBeouf would be canceled due to Shia’s disturbing words and actions. While the actor starred in some mainstream projects, from Disney’s Even Stevens To Transformers, his career choices have also become more diversified.

Although Shia has done many things that have made people think, over the years he has also done a ton of different tattoos and people have a lot of questions. One tattoo stands out in particular. Keep reading to find out about Shia Labeouf’s most ridiculous tattoo.


Shia LaBeouf’s “Creeper” tattoo made people talk

People talked about Tattoo Shia LaBeouf “Creeper” for some time. In accordance with P. SixthDavid Ayers said the actor got a tattoo because of his new film. Tax collector

The director said, “He is one of the best actors I have worked with and he is the most devoted to body and soul. He had a tooth pulled out on Fury, and then on “Tax Collector” he got himself tattooed all over his chest. seems to be going all-in, and I never knew anyone to do it. “

The tattoo definitely grabs people’s attention. If fans are wondering why the word “Creeper” is written here, it is because Shia’s character Tax collector called Creeper.

In accordance with Distractify.comPeople wondered if the Shiites really did get such a big tattoo, and Brian Ramirez, his tattoo artist, said it was.

Brian shared photos of Shia’s chest tattoo on Instagram and wrote in his caption, “Some people ask if the #shialabeouf tattoo is real ??? [sic] filming [Holes]…. keep reading on this chest piece, thanks for trusting your mom’s meaningful tattoo, and please keep an eye on the movies these guys are going to this year, can’t wait to see a lot of love bro. “

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Shia LaBeouf Tax collector His co-star Bobby Sotto said he was there when Shia got the tattoos for the movie. Bobby explained, “We were both at the tattoo table. So it was really great to see him do it. It was inspiring. Shiites and I [theater] a joint lesson that we started right after we finished the film. So I have seen Shiites every day for the past two and a half years. ” Bobby also said that he was inspired by what Shia did as he truly dedicated himself to the role: “It was inspiring to see someone go as far as they can and overcome the distance with themselves.”

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Shia LaBeouf got a lot of tattoos

Shia LaBeouf got some tattoos, in accordance with Body art guru, and they are much smaller than on his chest.

He has a tattoo on his left shoulder that says Route 071, Missy Elliot’s tattoo on his left leg, a cross, and a tattoo that says 1986-2004 on Shaya’s left wrist.

When asked about him Missy Elliot tattooShia LaBeouf said. Diversity, “But you’re in a tattoo parlor, and peers are crushing.”

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Shia LaBeouf’s acting process

Back in 2019, Shia LaBeouf and Kristen Stewart appeared together at Variety Studios: Actors on Actors, and Shia talked about his love of acting. He said quite honestly that, in his opinion, life off the set is really difficult.

Shia said, “The most intimate moments of my life happened on set. I don’t know if there is anything more intimate than creating something with someone. I think I am deeply unhappy with life. ” When Kristen said, “Yes, but this is your life,” the actor replied, “That’s right. Here I have difficulties, this is not my whole life. I have to come to terms with this. Things usually go awry here. Life gets hard when I’m not on set. “

Shia also once said that he was thinking about becoming part of the Peace Corps and leaving Hollywood behind: according to Crib, he said, “So I thought my acting career was over. I was going to join the Peace Corps. I didn’t really try – yes, I wasn’t there. Quite right.

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Beyond the film Tax collectorwhich was released in 2020, Shia LaBeouf also appeared in the 2020 film Parts of a woman and played himself in a 2021 documentary A man named Scott about the life and music of Kid Kudi.

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