This is what Domhnall Gleason has been doing since Harry Potter

Domhnall Gleason may have risen to fame after joining the cast of the highly successful Harry Potter franchise. He may have starred in a few films before this, but his time in the wizarding world has certainly led to a lot of revelations.

As fans will remember, Gleason played Bill Weasley’s older brother in the franchise. While his younger on-screen brother has said he’s ready to return to the Weasley family, it’s not clear if Gleason is ready to take on the challenge.

Although he did not appear in all eight Harry Potter films, his performance attracted the attention of several casting directors.


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In fact, since working on the franchise, Gleason has taken on various projects. Over the years, the actor has starred in several shows and films.

Not only that, he also joined another successful film franchise. And more importantly, Gleason’s performance drew critical praise time and time again.

Domhnall Gleason starred in this Netflix series shortly after Harry Potter

Just one year after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Gleason played a role in Black mirror, a Netflix series focusing on the dark side of technology.

In an episode called Be right back, the Irish actor played Ash, a dead lover resurrected as an android. In the series, Gleason co-starred with actress Hayley Atwell, who worked on most of the scenes. For the actor, it put some pressure on him to get it right.

“Haley hosted the show. I was kind of jumping back and forth,” Gleason said. Channel 4.

“So when you come in, I think it’s your responsibility to try and nail your scenes, but also to be nice because everyone there works so hard that you’re the only one who can go home. sometimes early.”

Domhnall Gleason traveled to a galaxy far, far away

Just a few years after joining Netflix, Gleason landed a role in the series. star Wars franchise as the evil General Hux. And, as it turned out, accepting the role caused the actor something like a “panic attack.”

Not because he was forced to sign without even seeing the script (he received a copy beforehand). Rather, it’s more because he had to make a decision in a very short amount of time.

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“And so they let me read the script, which is really important to me. But then I had to make a decision that night if I was going to sit at the table the next day, which meant signing a deal,” Gleason recalled during a conversation with Oscar winner Angelina Jolie for Interview.

“So I really had a panic attack that night.” At the same time, the actor also admitted that he was worried about the fandom that came with him. star Wars.

“I get along really well with my agents. I called them and thought, “What have I done? I like solitude.”… Eventually, however, Gleason signed on and appeared in Star Wars’ final trilogy of films.

Domhnall Gleason has also starred in several critically acclaimed films over the years.

From his time to Harry PotterGleason has certainly been busy playing various roles in films of various genres. First, he joined the cast of the Oscar-nominated film Jolie. Continuous. In the film, Gleason played one of the soldiers who struggle to survive at sea after a plane crash with Olympic distance runner Louis Zamperini.

For an actor it was also quite difficult to play the roleespecially since he also had to lose weight for the film.

“Toward the end, approaching the dehydration phase, I had to wear these contact lenses because their eyes were red. My contact lenses no longer fit my eyes because I was so dehydrated and lost so much weight that everything changed, ”said the actor. Huffpost Entertainment. “It was a wonderful experience. Tough but great.”

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Just a year later, Gleason also appeared in the Oscar-winning film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. survivorled by Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. From the very beginning, the actor knew this movie was special.

“The one thing we haven’t forgotten is that this movie can be brilliant,” Gleason said. Tim says. “There are very few opportunities in life to do a movie like this, so keep that goal in mind.”

Apart from Continuous and survivor. Gleason has also starred in films such as Mom!, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Made in America, Out of the car, and rabbit peter cinema. He also played a memorable role alongside Rachel McAdams in Richard Curtis’ fantasy drama. About the time.

In fact, this is the first major role that Gleason has landed in a movie. He talked about this opportunity. MTV“There’s something beautiful about showing up every day and knowing that not only the character, but the entire movie is on your shoulders.”

Meanwhile, Gleason is also set to star in an upcoming HBO miniseries. White House plumbers. The cast also includes Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux and Lena Headey.

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