This is what Natalia Tena has been doing since Tonks became Harry Potter.

That Harry Potter The film franchise may have centered around Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and his close friends (played by Rupert Grint and Emma Watson), but as fans may know, the films (and books) feature a much larger ensemble.

In fact, in addition to Harry, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasleys, the cute Weasley family is also widely featured in the films.

These include the funny Weasley twins (played by the Phelps brothers, who look more like their characters than anyone could have imagined) and, of course, Harry’s eventual wife, Ginny (Bonnie Wright).


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At the same time, Harry’s professors and classmates at Hogwarts must not be forgotten. Fans also can’t get enough of the Order of the Phoenix members who were introduced later in the story.

Among them was Nymphadora Tonks, played by actress Natalia Tena in four of the eight films. Harry Potter cinema. Tena was a relative newcomer before being cast in super popular films.

WITH Harry Potter, she has already participated in several projects not related to Hogwarts.

Natalia Tena starred in several more films after “Harry Potter”

Like the other stars in the franchise, Tena readily took on other film roles shortly thereafter. Harry Potter… In fact, one year after the release Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the actress joined the cast of the historical drama Bel amiled by a colleague Harry Potter graduate Robert Pattinson.

Interestingly, the two ended up sharing a few hot scenes in the film that have seemed pretty “weird” ever since. the actors became good friends

“We used to hang out a bit, so it was a little weird. [during filming]”, – said the actress. MTV News… “I thought, ‘Okay buddy, come on, let’s do it! It will be fun!'”

Over the years, Tena has also starred in films such as 10.000 km, Baby, Amar, SuperBob, Residue Sangre, and Anchor and Hope… In between work on these films, she also ventured into episodic work.

Natalia Tena also starred in various television roles.

Tena has also played numerous television roles throughout her career. For example, she landed the role of Oshi in the Emmy-winning series. Game of Thrones just like her time on Harry Potter was coming to an end.

As it turns out from, Tena made a strong impression on the show’s producers. very early. “When I went to the audition, I was wearing a long brown dress that I had, I put an ivy garland on my head that I found at the festival and walked in thinking what kind of animal she would be,” the actress said. Winter is coming

“I thought, leopard, controlled and ready to jump, that’s what I went for! I am so lucky they liked it! ” Tena remained on the show until her character was killed in season six.

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Meanwhile, when she was running out of her time on Game of ThronesTena landed a recurring role on the CBS crime drama series. The wisdom of the crowd along with Jeremy Piven and Richard T. Jones.

It was a great opportunity for the actress to make a name for herself on American television.

“I came for the pilot season. i have always done it [pilot season] in England, but I never got anywhere, and then I came here. When it was face to face in the room, I did better, and obviously I got the job, ”said the actress. Task X… “I’ve always wanted to work here.”

At the same time, Tena also made a brief guest appearance on the critically acclaimed comedy. unscrupulous… Shortly thereafter, the actress starred in the hit TV series Netflix. Black mirror

Tena also appeared in star Wars row Mandalorian as a bounty hunter Xi’an.

Natalia Tena also took up music

While Tena may have been interested in film and television projects, the actress still found time to start her musical career. After all, that was what she did when she was younger.

“I went to boarding school in Bedales and it was the only way to make some money for the weekend. I had other jobs such as babysitting, walking the dogs and distributing flyers, but since I was 15 I also worked on buses, ”Tena said. Surrey and South West London Highlights

“Basically I just played the same 4 songs for 3 hours or until I had enough money.”

In recent years, Tena has also formed her own group known as Molotov Jukebox. Basically, the group was formed after Tena and some of her friends decided they wanted to “start their own musical entertainment.”

Since they got together, they have also found a unique way to describe their musical genre. “So, tropical gypsies are how we define ourselves,” said the actress. “It’s a mixture of Latin America and Eastern Europe, a kind of love child.”

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Today, fans can look forward to Tena’s appearance in the highly anticipated film. John Wick: Chapter 4, in which Keanu Reeves plays the main character. In addition, the actress is also set to star in the upcoming film. On the roof

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