This is what the BTS Army liked most about Lizo’s ‘butter’ cover

In the hope of doing ‘butter’ justice, Lizzo is greeted with a BTS Army approval, wearing a bold T-shirt.

BTSX Lizzo Butter.
By: Instagram.

Lizo probably has. Made BTS Army Day. With the presentation of one of K-Pop Group’s charming hit movies.

Of Juice The singer has recorded his version. Butter, One of the English language songs was sung by BTS.. Putting aside her voice skills, Lizo was approved by the Army for the blasphemous T-shirt she wore on the occasion.

Lizzo watched BTS fans with a ‘butter’ cover

Lizzie recognized why. The South Korean band is very popular..

“Everyone loves TSBTS_twt because they are so pure and kind hearted – I hope I do justice to the butter!” She says in the video, which will be released in full after today (September 23).

The cover is part of the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, where Lizzo (real name Melissa Jefferson) performed a few tracks.

With only a few seconds available to listen to at the moment, Lizzo has won the hearts of many in the vast BTS phantom.

“Wow, she looks great,” commented one BTS fan.

“You were amazing !! I can feel that you are enjoying it … and me !!” Another user wrote.

“She’s shining! Thanks for the cover,” one person added.

“Lizo is covering the butter which proves that only beautiful girls listen to BTS,” was another comment.

Lizo looked so good that some fans were asking him and BTS to cooperate.

“Om ji you did justice #BTS_Butter !!!! I absolutely loved it !!! It was soulful TSBTS_twt. People will love it. I loved your live band and your baking singer !!! Friends to help you Needed !!! “one fan suggested.

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Lizo’s t-shirt is a beautiful tribute to BTS and fans.

Still, it was Lizzo’s t-shirt that got the most attention from BTS fans.

The singer wore a Vmin T-shirt, celebrating the relationship between BTS member Jamin and VK.

“LIZZO wearing a VMIN top?

“Om ji, you are all telling me that Lizo is going to cover the butter while wearing a top which says that women ???

“Lizzo biggest vmin passionate,” announced another.

This is not the first time Lizo has praised Jamin and V. In a recent video, the singer celebrates the friendship between the two singers.

“I like their relationship,” Lizo said in the clip.

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12 flattering photos of Lizzo (8 where she was clearly caught by the guard)

Although Lizo is always epic in everything she does, the camera sometimes makes her a protector.

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