This is what the life of the former “bachelor” Ben Flazhnik has become after the “Bachelor”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since Benjamin Flyinik hypnotized fans. Bachelor In season 16, back in 2012, fans watched with bated breath as Ben had strong feelings for Courtney Robertson and ended up on one knee, begging for her hand and heart. A roller coaster of emotions and endless drama led to their final breakup after a few months, and Ben’s life took a different path.

Courtney wrote everything about himand he quickly pulled away from her and walked away from the franchise. Ben turned down numerous offers to speak on behalf of bachelor nationand he focused his attention and attention on the future. He then set himself a series of goals that had nothing to do with finding love on the ABC reality show at all.

10 Benjamin Flyinick befriended Kris Jenner

Shortly after season 16 ended and his relationship with Courtney fell apart in front of the public, Benjamin’s name made headlines, and this time another woman was involved. Well, like. He was spotted giving Kris Jenner a tour of his winery, and dating rumors began to circulate as they spent time with each other. Ben later clarified that he and Kris Jenner were just pals and nothing more.

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9 Ben Flyinik’s children’s book has been released

After leaving the show, Ben became a published author of not one, but two children’s books. Once a traveler got on a plane and accidentally noticed a fly in the cabin. When he began to wonder where this little creature came from and where it was headed, he just couldn’t get rid of the idea of ​​creating a children’s book on the subject. Frequent flyers and Frequent Flyers Volume: 2 hit the shelves and are also available as audiobooks.

eight Benjamin Flyinick and Courtney Robertson made up

After the show, Courtney Robertson strongly criticized Ben Flazhnik through her candid book. Typical as a “villain” on Bachelor and having gone through a very public breakup after her engagement to Ben, she contacted him, attacking his character, which caused a media storm. Since that explosive moment, he and Courtney have been silent for six whole years. Time proved to be a healer, and Benjamin turned to Courtney to make amends. Now they both left their explosive past behind.

7 Ben enjoys time with his family

Ben Fleinik is a businessman striving for success, but at heart he is a real family man. He is never afraid to interrupt work and spend time with his family. His Instagram page is replete with special family moments, and it is clear that communication with loved ones remains a priority for him. The two people who seem to love Ben the most on social media are his niece Josephine and, of course, his mother.

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6 Benjamin Flyinik’s wine business

Benjamin’s name is as synonymous with Envolve Winery as Bachelor franchise. He has received worldwide recognition for his wines and has put his passion into all aspects of this business. As the proud owner of this wine company, Ben used every opportunity to promote Envolve wines on social media and his wine business continued to grow and flourish. Advertisements for Envolve’s wine can be found all over his Instagram account.

5 His beloved dog died

Ben Linik’s fans know that he loved his best friend for 15 years, his beloved dog Scotch. The puppy has been featured in several Instagram posts as Ben proudly posed next to him and regularly took him on adventures with him. Ben broke hearts around the world with a heartfelt message informing fans that Scotch had passed away. His heartbreaking post portrayed the love he had for his dog. He recently wrote about how hard the past year was without him.

4 Benjamin Flyinik traveled to Europe

Benjamin is a self-proclaimed traveler, and not even a pandemic has been able to interfere with his desire to see the world. His Instagram page is filled with photos and stories of his travels around the world. In addition to returning to Mexico and seeing many of his favorite places again, he recently traveled to Italy to celebrate a friend’s wedding and traveled around Europe with his mother, trying to see all the sights and soak up all the history he found. in various places he stopped to look.

3 He’s making huge strides with Voyage Foods

One of Benjamin Flyinik’s most proud business ventures is his stake in Voyage Foods. He has passionately invested his time and money in developing a new food brand that challenges barriers such as sustainability, common food aversions and allergies. The company is focused on creating what they call the “food of the future,” and under Benjamin’s leadership, the company has seen tremendous growth.

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2 He became an official citizen of Slovenia

After many years of persistent efforts and exhaustion of all patience, Benjamin finally became an official citizen of Slovenia. He explained that this was an important part of his background and that being recognized as a citizen of Slovenia more closely linked him to his heritage. When he announced this official and exciting news, he paid tribute to his late grandfather by making it clear that this was a momentous moment for Ben and his family.

one Benjamin Flyinik is still not married

Benjamin found love on Bachelor, lost love on Bachelor, and now looks back at this part of her story with tenderness. Perhaps at that stage in his life he was hunting for love, but now it seems that Ben is content with loneliness. Yes ladies, it’s still on sale but judging by his social media accounts, he seems to be living his best life as a bachelor. Perhaps 2022 will bring a new love interest into his life …

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