This is why fans argue about what Taylor Swift’s song “Cardigan” means.

When new Taylor swift the song is out, fans are happy to play it 100 times in a row, learn the lyrics and, most importantly, understand what the song means. Sometimes the songs feature Easter eggs from past music, or they reveal something about Taylor’s personal life, or they are so poetic that it seems like there are many different meanings. When T-Swift released her 2020 album folklore, it was impossible not to enjoy every song, because the album is melancholic and beautiful.

The song “Cardigan” stands out for its interesting lyrics and soft sound. Taylor Swift’s performance in the music video for “Cardigan” is impressive, and fans love the work of the singer and songwriter. Fans have come up with several different interpretations of this beautifully written song. Keep reading to find out why fans are arguing about what Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” really means.


“Cardigan” about a broken heart?

Fans know that Taylor Swift wrote songs about Joe Alwin, and it’s always interesting to figure out the meaning of her insightful words.

Taylor Swift fan started Reddit thread about “Cardigan” and wanted fans to share their thoughts and opinions on this exciting song.

Reddit user clockworkgirl91 responded to a fan question about “the smoke smell will hang for so long” and wrote that it looks like a song about a broken heart.

A fan wrote, “This could mean smoke from the debris of their relationship caught fire. With any other writer, that’s exactly what it would mean. But Taylor uses a lot of ocean imagery when it comes to failing relationships – sinking ships and sinking in someone else’s currents. being swallowed up by the ocean has an air of depressing finality. “

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“Cardigan” about Taylor Swift’s big fanbase?

Taylor Swift fan thinks “Cardigan” about Taylor Swift fans… In accordance with Crib, a fan shared his interpretation of the song on TikTok and said, “Just realized that cardigan is a song for FANS! I knew you were “playing hide and seek” (all the Easter eggs she leaves) by “giving me your weekend” ([she] always mentions on the show how she knows there are a hundred things we could do with our Saturday nights). She’s a cardigan! “

The fan continued, “When she felt the world hated her, WE dressed her up and said she was our favorite. And the fans who left during Kanye’s drama, she knew they would return to her. “

Reddit user dmnaf shared his love for this fan theory when Taylor wondered if people were “tired” of her and realized that her fans still love her music and want her to continue on her way.

Many people love this theory and think it makes a lot of sense. Reddit user kateconard shared her thoughts and said that it looks like the song could also be about how much Taylor Swift loves music and how much music exists for her no matter what. This is an interesting interpretation as fans know that Taylor has been through a lot, from public breakups to being judged for everything she does.

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Taylor Swift characters Betty and James

One thing that Taylor Swift fans love folklore The album is a love triangle between her fictional characters. Betty and James are a couple, but someone else is catching up.

Taylor Swift explained the love triangle and said that the third person’s name is Augustine or Augusta, and they are the main characters in her song “August”.

In accordance with GlamorThe singer said that Betty tells her story in the song “Cardigan,” so it seems like the right way to interpret the song as Taylor herself spoke of it.

Taylor said, “What happened in my head was that Cardigan was Betty’s point of view 20 to 30 years later, looking back at this love that was this stormy thing. In my head, I think Betty and James ended up together, right? In my head she is with him, but he really made her go through it. “

Reddit user cliffheart started a Reddit thread about the meaning of the song and the romance between James and Betty. A fan interpreted the words “you put me down and said I was your favorite” as if Betty felt that James would take care of her and cheer her up when she had a hard time.

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While Betty and James’ love triangle is featured in Cardigan, fans can also listen to August and Betty as these songs by Taylor Swift conclude the story.

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