This is why filming ‘Thirteen Lives’ caused Colin Farrell to have several panic attacks

Speaking with Diversity At the Los Angeles premiere of Thirteen Lives, Colin Farrell revealed how he suffered from a series of panic attacks while filming his underwater scenes.

“The water was terrible!” Farrell said. “They built four or five tunnels that were designed based on blueprints for Tham Luang Cave. I mean, there were twists, turns, downs, ups, tilt points, everything that had to go upside down. And we had safety divers, but it’s still water.” Although these rescue divers were present during filming, they were not in the water with Ferrall – instead, they watched the actors from holes made in the walls of the tunnels. Farrell said, “Yes, I’ve definitely had a few panic attacks underwater.”

According to director Ron Howard, the production team for Thirteen Lives wanted the set and the cave system they used to look as scary and realistic as possible, which was probably not music to the actors’ ears. This was achieved through close collaboration with John Volantin, Rick Stanton, Jason Mallinson and others who participated in the 2018 rescue mission throughout the shoot. “Rick, John and Jason have been incredibly valuable because there aren’t many videos [the dive sequences]Howard said. Collider in an interview in June 2022. “There were several schemes that we were able to get,” he added. “Scheme of the cave when it was dry. The trick is to compress it to get a movie and make it something visceral and interesting and unsettling.”

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