This is why Kylie Jenner is rumored to have privately given birth.

Kylie Jenner’s second child with Travis Scott is almost set to be born, but fans have found clues that she has already given birth.

This is why Kylie Jenner is rumored to have privately given birth.

24-year-old reality TV superstar Kylie Jenner pregnant with her second child, but fans already believe that she gave birth in secret.

A baby bottle appeared in Travis Barker's Instagram story, leading to rumors that Kylie had given birth
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Fans thought they had noticed a sign of childbirth in Travis Barker’s Instagram story. Rocker Blink 182 is her sister Courtney’s fiancĂ©. The click showed the rocker was watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas in the background, a half-full baby bottle is clearly visible. Barker never explained what it was.


A few days later, fans thought they had spotted another hint of a baby when manicurist Lisa Cohn stated that she had given the makeup artist a short French manicure instead of the reality star’s usual long, showy nails.

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Lisa Cohn shared a photo of Kylie’s nails on social media and wrote: “Kylie Jenner chose a classic French manicure for the New Year.” The star prepares for the birth of a newborn, ditching her signature long acrylic paints.


In Khloe’s Instagram story, at the start of the holiday season, the Kardashian-Jenner kids were spotted hunting Santa Claus at the annual family Christmas Eve party. Kylie Jenner Stormy’s daughter was the only masked leading Reddit fans speculate this was supposed to be the big sister.

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Child number 2 for Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott

In August, Kylie Jenner announced that she and rapper Travis Scott were expecting their second child together. While they have yet to announce the gender and due date, sources say she should be born in early 2022.

V Keeping up with the Kardashians This time, the star spoke more openly about her pregnancy. With Stormy, she hid her pregnancy, only confirming the assumptions after the birth of a little girl. A video revealing her second pregnancy was the third most popular Instagram post in 2023, garnering 24 million likes and 125 million views.

Earlier in December, Kylie celebrated her pregnancy with a private baby shower at her sister Chloe’s new $ 37 million mansion. According to TMZ, Chloe provided a massage parlor., various treats for guests and tents covering the dining area for privacy.

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