This is why the Da Vinci Code was banned in many countries.

The basis for a major motion picture based on a successful novel is ancient history, and Hollywood has had tremendous success using this well. Sometimes these novels, especially if they are part of a series, can grow into a major franchise. Just look at what Harry Potter and James Bond adaptations have been able to do this over the years.

In the 2000s, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks teamed up to bring The Da Vinci Code back to life, and it sparked a tidal wave of controversy. In fact, the film was so controversial that it was banned in several countries.


Let’s go back to the controversial film.

The Da Vinci Code is based on a successful novel

From time to time, a book can appear along with tons of press, which helps it to win the recognition of a huge audience around the world. This is how it was The Da Vinci Codewhich was released back in 2003. This thriller had fingerprints on all religious themes and it seemed like people just couldn’t stop talking about it at the time.

As great as this is for author Dan Brown, he still had to face a lot of criticism for the religious themes in the book.

“I have never encountered such media attention, and it was very difficult at times (especially criticism from Christians). Often during the signing of my books I found myself being publicly interrogated by an angry Christian scholar who questioned me about the details of the Bible story. from a novel, ”the author shared.

Despite this, Brown continued to write, and since then he has published other successful novels dealing with similar religious themes. Controversial, yes, but profitable to say the least.

As a result, the film adaptation The Da Vinci Code was announced, which attracted public attention. Soon enough, it was time for the adaptation to hit the big screen, and when it did, it was able to do better than some expected.

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The movie became a huge hit

Just like the book it was based on, The Da Vinci Code received a ton of press before its release on the big screen. A lot of people were curious to see how the film would develop, and despite a lot of criticism, the film was still too enticing for a casual audience to miss.

On the Rotten tomatoesthe film has only 26% of its critics and 57% of its fans. This doesn’t sound like the numbers that would have led to the film’s huge box office success, but after $ 760 million and The Da Vinci Code was a colossal hit that proved successful enough for the studio to begin work on a sequel.

While this movie seemed absolutely must-see for fans, it caused quite a stir among some religious groups. This, in turn, led to a ban on screening of the film in several countries, which the studio had to deal with properly.

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The Da Vinci Code Was Banned In Many Countries Due To An Ambiguous Plot

So why was this artwork banned in so many countries when it hit the big screen? Well, the bands found it blasphemous, and some of its content, although fictional, was too complex for some bands.

In accordance with CBCPakistan Joins Seven Of India’s 29 States In Banning Film The Da Vinci Code saying it is offensive to Christians. “

Paul Bhuyan, special secretary general of Andrew Pradesh, gave several arguments to the abbot that the film was banned.

“The plot of the film attacked the very heart of the Holy Gospel, destroying the divinity of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Other major regions where the film has been banned include Egypt, Samoa, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Jordan and other countries. The massive outcry from religious communities generated a ton of press for the film, which could have inadvertently prompted more people to go and watch it. As the old adage goes, every press is good press, and Da vinci The code was able to use the entire press to earn over $ 750 million at the box office.

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It’s amazing to see a piece of fiction upset so many people, but in the end, this film itself was a huge success. Of course, critics don’t like him, but people couldn’t stop talking about it many years ago.

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