This little boy drove Ellen DeGeneres to tears live

Ellen DeGeneres has been the hottest show on all television for years. However, after a controversy in which the host was called a bully, the show suddenly lost some of its charm.

The media was all over Ellen, documenting guests likely regretting their time on the show. This cast a shadow over what was meant to be a positive show with the aim of spreading joy.

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Ellen is now in her final season, which fans have been controversial about. In a recent episode, she created a memorable moment that she won’t forget anytime soon. A boy named Callan Perks was brought in, and let’s just say he touched Ellen in a way that others hadn’t done over the years.


Callan Perks went viral after his pre-OHL speech

Back in November 2021, a boy named Callan Perks went completely viral due to a stunning speech he gave during the pre-game, which featured his hometown team, Peterborough Pitts from the OHL.

In accordance with CTB news, he was selected as part of the day “The Next Generation”, which gives the guys the opportunity to sign a one-day contract with a professional hockey team.

Looking back at the moment it seems clear as day, the young man made the most of this opportunity.

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Perks himself could not understand what would happen next, since he was selected to participate in “Ellen Shaw‘. To make things even more special, the speech he gave was about her final season, ending the historical series.

With the ups and downs for Ellen, especially in recent years, it quickly became apparent that she was overwhelmed with emotion during her performance.

It was a terrific moment that will go down in history as one of the cutest in the series.

Ellen was brought to tears by Callan Perks’ emotional speech

It started out as an innocent conversation, but then suddenly the emotion intensified when Callan Perks began his motivational speech towards Ellen.

“For 19 seasons, you gave your best in this scene,” Cal said.

“You danced hard. You joked a lot. You laughed a lot. You cried a lot and did your best. always gave everything it takes to be you. “

“So keep working hard, stay positive and make people laugh because you are a legend.”

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At this moment, Ellen was completely speechless and was very excited, so much so that the presenter was deeply moved.

“You know what? I have to say I know a lot of fashionable people, ”DeGeneres told Calu. “What you just told me means more to me than what I can convey to you. I don’t even know you, but you are just a special little creature with such a big heart, and I thank you for that. “

It was a wonderful moment that reminded fans of all the good things Ellen has done in her long history of being on the show. With all the controversy surrounding her name, it’s easy to forget the good things that happened, especially on the air.

The clip went viral, with fans applauding for both the speeches and Ellen’s genuine reaction to her.

Fans loved this moment and called it one of the best in the show’s history.

ET Canada posted a viral moment and it’s clear that the fans ate it. There was nothing in the comments section other than positive emotions applauding Coach Cal for his touching words.

“This child motivates others so well that it even inspires Ellen. Hopefully we’ll see Coach Cal in the future. “

“Oh my god… I heard the speech he gave in front of Ellen today and she was so beautiful. She made me cry and Ellen had tears in her eyes. This child has a great future ahead of him. “

“Wow, it’s natural … Some babies are just born with it. I was honest when I was a little girl, but not always in a good way. He really inspires and motivates such a little boy !! “

“What he said about you was so true. Ellen, you are truly an amazing person. Thank you for sharing your laugh, your humor, but above all, your heart with so many people. That’s right, Ellen is a legend. “

Great moment and done, Ellen won’t forget!

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