This look at Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X is crazy

Courtesy of fan art creator Rahal Nejrawi on Instagramwe don’t have to just imagine what Giancarlo Esposito would look like as the powerful telepathic mutant Professor Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X. The art shows Esposito wearing a well-tailored suit and sitting on a high-tech motorized wheelchair in a visual style that seems more closer to the original X-Men movie franchise than what we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but it still serves to illustrate that Esposito could make a great Professor X, and he might not even have to. shave his head baldly to make the character look convincing (although he probably would have done it anyway).

Now for the bad news: Esposito also stated that the people at Marvel weren’t quite ready to sign him for Professor X. As he put it, “I finally had to have my people call Marvel and explain it, you know. , that’s what the fans want and we’d love to work with you, but they’re not quite ready to enter into that conversation. But when they’re ready, I’m here.”

Meanwhile, Esposito remains busy, whether or not he can ever get into Professor X’s famous wheelchair. One upcoming project is an American remake of the British series The Driver, which is reportedly due out on AMC sometime next year and will also star Amanda Brugel and Skeet Ulrich (via Term).

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