This man resented his father for refusing to finance his wedding many years ago, although he recently financed another son’s wedding

Society seems to strongly advise young people to delay marriage until they have completed their education, started their careers, and had a couple of carefree adventures that will help them connect with their true, authentic selves.

It is believed that tying the knot at a young age makes a couple prone to a rocky journey and, in fact, inevitably ends in divorce, however, many people seem to argue that age has nothing to do with the stability of a marriage.

Whether a couple decides to legitimize their relationship young or not is up to them, but maturity is still an issue, as sometimes you can look back at your parents’ warnings when it’s too late.

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Family conflicts are inevitable, but it is very important to be confident in your opinion.

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“AITA for paying for my son’s wedding when I made the other son run away?” – This online user reached out to one of the most popular Reddit communities to get advice from members and maybe find out if he really is the bad guy in this situation. The post garnered 11,000 votes and over 2,000 comments discussing the man’s decision.

Father refused to finance his son’s wedding because he didn’t approve of it, he was accused of favoritism because he decided to pay for another son

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The man began his post by saying that he had two sons: 38-year-old Karl and 36-year-old Jacob. Jacob married quite young when he was only 18 years old; he asked his father to pay for his wedding, but the man refused because he did not approve of his marriage.

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The man mentioned that there were several reasons why he was so against this relationship; he thought Jacob was too young and he wasn’t a fan of his fiancée because they had only been together for a year. Jacob didn’t have enough money to cover the expenses, so the couple had to run away.

A year later, the couple had their first boy, and a year later they had a girl, whom they named Jade. Unfortunately, the partners decided that they could not cope with two children and told their families that they were giving up the girl for adoption.

The author was very angry with his son as he warned him that they were too young to have a child, let alone two children, however, he convinced his offspring to let him and his mother adopt Jade.

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The author and his family moved to another city, and Karl, the eldest son, also tagged along, leaving them with little contact with Jacob.

It was also revealed that even though Jade was adopted by OP, Carl was the one who raised her and the girl considers him her father.

Moreover, a year ago, Carl got engaged to his fiancee Maya. According to the author, she is an amazing woman and like a mother to Jade.

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As soon as Jade found out that she was adopted, she had a very hard time; however, a few weeks ago, the family returned to the city where Jacob lives, as the girl was ready to meet her aunt and uncle.

Carl and Maya are getting married soon, and to thank them for being such great parents to Jade, the OP told the couple that he would cover all of their wedding expenses.

When everyone was at Jacob’s, he thought about his brother’s wedding, and without thinking, Carl told his brother that their father would pay for everything, which infuriated Jacob and his wife.

The couple claimed it was unfair that a man pay for his eldest son’s wedding when he forced them to run away; Jacob now doesn’t talk to his father unless he “makes peace with him”.

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The OP then edited the post to clarify some details. He said that Carl didn’t raise Jade alone. The family lived in the same house and raised children, but he really wanted to become her father. Jade called him “dad” from the moment she started talking – but the author was responsible for all financial aspects.

When Jacob brought up the adoption, the family offered to help even though the couple didn’t agree, and the reason the OP never mentioned his grandson is because he just wasn’t involved in the situation.

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