This man shared the ridiculous work-from-home policy his boss came up with

Working from home has been a hot topic in the past two and a half years. This is a topic we’ve covered in great detail here at Board Panda. While some companies have fully embraced remote or hybrid work and given more flexibility to their employees, others have fought against such policies due to a lack of trust, a desire for personal contact (and supervision). I have doubled down, and a host of other reasons.

However, some work-from-home policies are not made using logic. Instead, they’re mainly determined by embarrassing misunderstandings. And instead of admitting these mistakes, the top executives will hurt the entire company to cover up their failures.

In a story you’ll be hard-pressed to come across, a redditor, a seasoned sysadmin and developer with decades of experience described how a senior management official saw the background of someone’s Zoom Tropic theme. And moved to rework the entire company’s WFH approach because he thought there was one. Actually working on the beach.

Scroll down For both Full Weird posts, in the redditor’s own words, and also to see how the internet reacted. What do you think about what happened, Pandas? What is the WFH policy at your workplace? You can share your thoughts and opinions with everyone in the comments — we’d love to hear about your experience with remote work policies.

While some companies embrace hybrid or fully remote work, others have a harder time adapting.

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One employee described how a senior official’s misunderstanding when he saw Zoom’s background changed the entire firm’s WFH policy.

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Look, we get it, Zoom backgrounds are pretty nifty. The first time you actually saw them, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the quality of the themes. However, they are still very clearly fake. Although it’s not out of this world to imagine that someone who is completely ignorant of tech could mistake one of the themes for the actual location.

Although being so stubborn as to not admit a mistake is just… disappointing. Employees often expect their superiors to know better and have higher standards, however, the truth of the matter is that everyone is very much human. Arrogance, entitlement, shame, guilt—these issues don’t go away just because you get a promotion or two. That’s why it’s so important to know how to manage your managers: give them diplomatically accurate criticism, while also offering problem solving. Granted, though, not every superior is open to any type of employee input.

The r/sysadmin subreddit had a field day with the story. Some Redditors joked that the official would blow his mind if he ever saw the Zoomspace background. While another said: “Attention staff. According to the new mandate, all employees must work from within the solar system, or be declared AWOL.”

Although embarrassment is not pleasant, it is actually a healthy and mature response to embrace it. Otherwise, it can turn into deep embarrassment later. Vanessa Bohns from Cornell University explained earlier. that showing signs of mild embarrassment can actually be socially constructive; People may empathize with you more if you admit to making mistakes.

If, instead, we run from our shame, our social capital is likely to decline. In other words, your credibility suffers if you pretend you didn’t mess up. People respect you more if you are honest about your flaws.

“What you want to be careful of is letting embarrassment turn into a more destructive self-conscious feeling of shame, where you feel so bad about a minor mistake that you start to think there’s something wrong with you. And you feel the need. To completely disappear and hide yourself,” Bohns said.

during this, Workplace expert and author Lynn Taylor Bord Panda explains why working from home is such a controversial issue for some managers. “There’s a lot of fear of ‘out of sight, out of mind,'” he said of how some managers think.

“For some companies, industries and positions, employees need to be on-site. But for those where it won’t affect their work product, it’s about offering managers the flexibility and freedom to work from home. I have to be open-minded. That is if they want to attract and retain the most qualified people,” he told us.

“One of the reasons some managers are opposed to work-from-home policies, for example, is that they feel there is a lack of productivity when you can’t meet face-to-face. They believe that when working offsite Project teams are less efficient,” said the workplace expert.

“Managers can feel their results and achievements are negatively impacted because they can’t communicate with their staff in person. Easily brainstorm, or react to unexpected problems on the spot. They also may feel that they cannot properly train their employees when they are offsite. For others, it is simply a resistance to change. If they are too traditional in their management approach, they may Will want to maintain maximum control over staff and ensure that everyone is committed.

Here’s how some netizens reacted to the WFH drama.

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