This online community is all about pictures of people ignoring safety as if they are immortal (35 new photos)

It’s no secret that health and safety precautions are important at work. However, it is often overlooked by employers and their employees showing complete disregard for personal safety. We are talking about worn tyres, unsafe loads on vehicles, clutter blocking fire exits, misplaced ladders; the list goes on. There is a place on the internet that draws attention to such dangers with a touch of humour.

subreddit r/osha Named after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and their community description reminds you: “Safety first!”. More than 762K members are sharing photos of people walking on thin ice and pushing their luck while performing everyday tasks at work.

bored panda Collected some of the best pictures from this online group that will make you laugh and roll your eyes. After enjoying it, be sure to check out our previous posts about the legendary subreddit right here, Here, And Here,

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