This online gardening community has people sharing their creative gardening projects, and here are 80 of the best ones.

If you’ve ever gardened or know someone who gardens, you’ve probably noticed how much it’s like having a pet. Just like having a dog or a cat, there is attention, love and care that you must give to plants in order for them to thrive.

But in increasingly populated cities and in our hectic lives, plants become soothing companions that soothe our longing for that inner peace. Not surprisingly, gardening and plant care have seen a resurgence during the pandemic. Today there are thousands of online groups for plant and gardening enthusiasts where they share everything from how to make soil more fertile to making sure plants get the right combination of sunlight and everything in between.

Facebook Group »creative gardening” is one such destination with a whopping 1.1 million members who are happy to share their garden projects and ideas. Below we have selected the most interesting and unique ones, so enjoy!

My street painting. An easel made from branches cut from my red cedar, a frame found at Goodwill, a flower arrangement bought at a roadside farmer’s market, a hummingbird from DollarTree.

Don Meehan Report


Hello ! Here are a couple more shots of my gardens. I designed everything including She Shed. Also, did most of the work including but not limited to tiles, marble and tiles. Chaos and chaos reigned in the house and in the garden. I use drugs in Montana river rocks, on the beach, and in many other places. Most of my difficult escapes involve selling real estate. I make most of my baskets and pots. I live in zone 7. Western Oregon. Mostly tropical forest. I am a 3x survivor. I had a bone marrow transplant 24 years ago and I survived it. Therefore, I am not afraid of much. Especially the color. My neighbors like it and they bring their guests. I make my own compost. Baskets and window baskets. Lots of fertilizer. Slow release granules when I plant and water soluble from Proven Winners twice a week when everything is in full bloom. I hope this inspires others. Happy gardening!

Terry Johanson Report


I got this from a dear friend and it fell and broke during a storm, but I added some earth and now it’s beautiful again.

City Garden CC, California Report


After retiring and downsizing, I yearned for my gardens, which I had been working on for over 20 years. When I saw what they gave me to work with, I was very discouraged, but I quoted the old saying: “Grow where you are planted” and Walla

Joyce Meyer Report


Our bottomless waterfall

Wow! I’m shocked by the answers! We did it professionally a couple of years ago. We had hot tub water paint left over (can’t remember the brand) and tossed it in to see what would happen. The waterfall is in direct sunlight, so we have problems with filamentous algae. This spring, the rocks have been heavily washed out, and as necessary, I clean them of algae.

Thank you very much for the compliments!

Laura Hayne Webb Report


I am very lucky that my boyfriend not only loves to work in the garden, but also knows how to do everything with his own hands! I’m good at design and color.
He made the pond himself (weeks of videos on You Tube lol).
When we bought this house ten years ago, it was mostly gravel and the flooring was falling apart, so we rented it.

Don Blakeslee Report


When the short-lived Alium flowers lose their petals… spray paint in vibrant colors takes over and prolongs their presence in the garden.

Maria Johnston Report


My mom’s old wooden staircase, no longer safe in my opinion, has been painted and turned into a stand for plants and garden treasures. Matches my house doors, pots and patio chairs, not all filled yet but you get the idea. I had to add shims to each support bar as they don’t match the height of the steps. It’s not level as the ground is not level and I don’t worry about adjusting it, that’s enough for me!

Tara Vivian Report


After the death of my husband, my garden has become my refuge, where I can find peace and solitude.
Blessed day everyone

Terence McCarthy Report


Here is another part of my new yard. I fell in love with the windmill when we bought a house in early spring, unaware that these beautiful purple clematis would bloom.

Heather Hastie Report


I have been working on these gardens since I moved here in 2001. Every year I move, change and add something. We’ve had a lot of rain this year so it’s quite green, healthy and filled. I hope you approve

Claudia M. DeWitt Report


I had to share this post from my daughter. I’m serious, she can’t keep an artificial plant alive, but her love for nature is real!!

Sharon Kirk Goble Report


I wanted to share something that makes people smile when they see my garden.
My husband and I made this scarecrow for our close friend, who has been sitting at the bedside of her bride for the last 3 weeks. He was in a terrible motorcycle accident.
My scarecrow, also known as Miss Margaret Marigold, and her new friend Miss Tulip, named after a house flower in the Netherlands after our friend who is still in hospital.
Hoping that when they finally get home from the hospital, Miss Tulip will give them as many smiles as our smile gave us in our garden.

Daniel Rowley Report


My little flower bed I’m working on. I am 72 years old and have had back surgery and a hip replacement in the last year and a half. I need time to do everything. My daughter bought me a big red flower for Mother’s Day. We also live in the rocks, as you can see. I hope you will like it.

Sandy Notenagle Report


Today I am happy to report that it has been raining here for a couple of days now and thanks to my wonderful Grandchildren I no longer encounter a dirty yard. They are still working on several lots in the yard.
But the happiest thing was to see how my grandson, the one who designed the project, threw a graduation party for the elderly this weekend, went out into the yard with such confidence, dressed in white. He was so proud of his participation and the result was evident in his posture. He even picked some white peonies from the garden.
Thanks again to my wonderful group members for the vast amount of blessings and support bestowed upon them. It really gave them strength.

Ouida Grant Report


I have a lavender rose…
Beautiful lavender roses arrived last year.
But this year….. the same rose has red roses..
No idea how it happened….

Lisa Babu Tandiyat Report


My Dancing Dolphin continues to work this year. Has not stopped blooming since January.

Shari Albee Report


My precious mother, my best friend, has been called home and is singing in the choir of angels. It’s been a year
I started her an angelic garden, where once there was nothing.
That’s where my healing began, I dug up her flowers and plants from her yard and the flowers from her beautiful service and planted them.

Tammy Bird Report


Last year I thought I cut this bush too much, last spring it had only 5 flowers.

Thank God for saving

Don N Laura Saylor Report


Made this garden seat/bed out of my daughter’s old bed! Cut the board in half for the sides, even used planks for the seat, all you had to buy was wood for the frame! I love freebies from upcycling

Jackie Dodson Report


You have inspired me even more …. how do you like my wall of pallets. I built it myself….I’m 63…and 5 feet….everything is possible

Mary Possley Wilicowski Report


Okay, I had to update and add my Koda boy. I am so proud to be able to raise puppies in my garden. It’s Oakley in his favorite place

Erica Gordon Moore Report


My mom is in her garden 86 years old young! She goes out every day to check on her children and give them that special love.

Angie Hicks Report



Adriana McKay Report


We, this wonderful factory company that drives through our area. Choose your plants, pay and instant happiness. It is located in Munds Park, Arizona. 16 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Elizabeth Husack Report


I was so worried about my dahlias because of this Texas heat, but they are thriving. I planted the tubers in early April and didn’t know what to expect, but here we are

Sasha Violetta Report

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