This Online Group Is Dedicated To Baking, And Here Are 78 Of Their Most Delicious Projects

Do we have a treat for you today, pandas! With the holiday season approaching, I’ll bet a lot of you are in the mood to taste some delicious baked goods, just like I am. To stir up your tummy and you’re in the mood to test out some new recipes at home, we’ve gathered some of the best photos of baked goods ranging from warm and nutritious. r/baking subreddit,

An online community of over 642k members, r/Baking is “the home of recipes, ideas, and everything related to baking.” From cakes, cookies, pies and tarts to muffins, scones and breads of all kinds, everyone’s baking creations are welcome. As you scroll down, upvote your favorite photos and let us know which of these delicious dishes you would love to savor.

Your forks and spoons are ready, pandas? Let’s dive head first The Cinnamon-Scented World of Baking!

Pie Artist, Writer and Baking Grandmaster Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin glad to talk bored panda What a fascinating, enjoyable and downright magical baking it really is. Baking not only helps reduce your stress levels, but it also helps you connect with others, and serves as an outlet for your creative expression. He also told me about his latest projects and his book Hot from the Oven, ‘Pie Are Osm: The Definitive Pie Art Book.’ Scroll down for the exclusive interview with Bored Panda’s Jessica.

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