This online group is dedicated to “moderately interesting” stuff, and here are 139 of their best posts (new pics).

Don’t think this subreddit is just the Wild West. They have to enforce some rules to make sure everything is organically, mildly interesting. Rule number one is no memes. “This includes references in your post titles (eg “bananas for scale,” “potato quality”),” the moderators write. The next rule is not a related post. Basically, if you’re referencing another post already on the page, you should do so in the comments of the original post. Understandably, all threads must be genuine.

The next few rules are along the same lines as original content: no x-posts or re-posts, only original pictures, and no screenshots. Members really shouldn’t edit their photos, so everything should be as original and natural as possible. Finally, “headings should be defined precisely but comprehensively.” They are not allowed to include jokes or backstory and in fact moderators write that titles should Be like spoilers for photos. Simple subreddit, simple rules and posts. We can have nothing too Interesting wrap up here.

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