This online group shares photos of modernist architecture from around the world, and features 116 of the most impressive buildings.

Redditor u/joaoslr shares his knowledge of the history and philosophy of modernism with Board Panda. “At the beginning of the 20th century, many people lived in cities with very poor conditions, living in small and dirty houses that allowed the spread of disease, and living away from the ornate buildings owned by the rich. Modernism changed that paradigm,” he said.

“By taking advantage of the latest technical and technological innovations, modernist architects showed that it was possible to move away from architecture focused on decoration to create more functional and efficient designs, aimed at improving everyone’s lives. This new Attention allowed for many different approaches, making modernist architecture very diverse. This is probably my favorite feature of modernism because it consists of so many smaller movements: International Style, Expressionism, Bauhaus, De Stijl, Brutalism. , etc. The variety is huge!”

For the founder of r/Modernist Architecture, function and form go hand in hand. “One is meaningless without the other. Of course, the way they relate is open to interpretation, which is why modernism is so diverse. Personally, I think both are equally important, a “Good design should focus on its essential functions. It should be useful, but it should also be aesthetic because of the impact it has on the people who interact/experience it.”

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