This rap legend owns thousands of dollars worth of Marvel comics

Comic-book movies have been profitable for years now, thanks to studios finally being in the right formula. The comics themselves are responsible for these amazing films, and many stars are big fans of this media. Nicolas Cage is a die-hard Superman, and Eminem has a bit of a fondness for Spider-Man.

Some big stars are known to collect expensive books, and a few years ago, another rap legend revealed that she had a comic book that had previously sold for thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the true value of the comics and the rap legend who has gotten her hands on something super valuable.


Films from Comics – Box Office Gross

The art of adapting comics has reached new heights in recent years, and more often than not, these films are successful at the box office. Sure, there are flops from time to time, but these films have such crazy potential every time they hit theaters.

Whether these movies are just used to create another, or they come out on their own, comic book movies are just on a different level these days. It’s amazing to think how far the genre has come and it’s exciting to think that it still has a lot of room to change and grow over time. It goes without saying that fans will accompany you every step of the way.

It was a real pleasure for comic book fans to see these amazing stories come to life, but the truth is, none of this would have been possible without the source material itself. Well, that’s plus the hundreds of millions of dollars that studios have spent making films.

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Classic comics are extremely valuable

Popular comics have been around for decades, and over time, some of these books have grown to cost a ton of money. No, not every comic will be valuable, but there have been books that have been sold for a staggering amount of money.

For instance, Action comic # 1, which served as Superman’s first appearance, is the most valuable comic strip in the world. In fact, someone was able to sell the original copy for over $ 3 million.

As Rich gorilla notes, “While the original comic sold for just 10 cents, four copies have since sold for over a million dollars.”

Unsurprisingly, over the years, many people have been addicted to collecting comics, including a number of celebrities. A number of famous rappers talked about their collections, and one rap legend just so happened that the book was sold for thousands of dollars in the past.

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Method Man owns The Incredible Hulk # 181, which is worth $ 23,000

Rap legend Method Man is a major comic book collector and owns some very impressive books. It just so happens that he owns The Incredible Hulk # 181which sold for $ 23,000.

In accordance with Method Man itself“It was actually my first book from the era when comics cost another 35 cents. I held this book in my hands, knowing that this was Wolverine’s first appearance, and that was the only reason I was collecting books at all – value, to see where one of my favorite characters first started, and just brag about the right to say, “ I got this book! ” I have Spawn # 1-20, the original series by Todd McFarlane. I have Youngblood # 1-10 when Image was just getting started, but so far my most valuable asset is that Hulk # 181. “

The rapper and comic book collector even talked about how he included some comic book references over the years.

“I like my things to be based on reality. You can use a comic book reference to express your point of view, or maybe a nice little metaphor that people will understand because it’s ingrained in our pop culture – except when you’re filming Netflix. a show called Luke Cage and you add heroes for hire. This is strictly for the fans. “

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It’s pretty amazing to see Method Man openly declare his love for comics, and it’s really impressive that he owns a comic that sold for $ 23,000.

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