This selection of music from Anja Schneider is worth the wait

BERLIN techno-matriarch Anja Schneider returns to her still-relatively new project Sous Music with the stunning new Wait EP.

The title track of the new release features vocals from Fritz Helder, while the second track features Fritz performing alone with more than a touch of sonic prowess on The Whistle Song.

Anya has had a busy year with many remixes by the likes of Robert Armani and MANDY, so now is the perfect time for some new original material. She says: “It was important to make a track for the dance floor.”

We caught up with Anya and she told us about her current favorites playlist, including her new track “Wait”.

Alan Dixon – Take a trip

I like the latest Alan Dixon tracks. This one reminds me of a very good classic as it goes perfectly with any set and takes you on a journey. Sometimes that’s what we all need, a little escapism, and this track delivers it.

Ewan McVicar – Heather Park

I have always been a fan of Ninja Tune and everything that this label releases. However, they still manage to surprise me, and this was one of those moments. A track that is so different from everything else because the harmonies are almost wrong. But I swear this is the track that I

love, and once you hear it at night, you will not forget it.

Earth Trax – Dream Pop

HUGE fan of Earth Trax and once again they have awakened my longing for their music with this track, what a dream. I like it.

Anja Schneider and Fritz Helder – Wait

Yes, I put one of mine here. It’s because this latest release was something completely new to me and completely different from what I’ve released in my career. I’m really proud of this track and it’s a little more funky than usual with a touch of weird and wonderful vocals. This is the track for your morning.

Shadow Child – Cosmic Rio

For me it’s a peak time track so when I’m DJing it always wakes up the crowd and gets everyone moving. I love it. So much energy!

Matrefact – Typer Things

I love Liverpool because it is of course home to The Beatles and has such a rich musical history. But Matrefakt is another musical export from the same city and their music is amazing. Their performances excite me and always make me dance. They’re out on my Sous label too and I hope they’re back soon!

Chloe Kaye – “Love Isn’t Over” (Carlita Remix)

Probably my favorite song of the year (so far). And two of my favorite artists in one. So many talented female producers are truly making names for themselves and I feel like now is our moment to shine more than ever before. The future belongs to women and they have

this sexy fashion with unbridled flair is hard to find!

Westbam feat Richard Butler – You Need The Drugs (&Me Remix)

So, I could put any KEINEMUSIKCREW track here, but I’m from Berlin and I’m very connected to my city and all my colleagues, so I chose the song Über from Berlin Westbam here. Goosebumps!

Xinobi – ‘Mujer’ (Ani Schneider Remix)

It was an honor for me to remix this track from Xinobi. I love his label Discotexas, he’s an incredibly talented producer and DJ. I was amazed by his unbridled talent. It wasn’t easy to make this track more of a dance track because it’s so soulful, but I tried my best!

Anya Schneider and Dabrina – Underwater

I was so happy that I made a track for such a diverse label. I love the breakbeat and downtempo elements here. This is the music I listen to at home. I tried my best and am very proud of it.

Anja Schneider and Fritz Helfer – EP “Wait” is already out on Sous Music. Click HERE to get your copy.


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