This TikTok user is sharing the most embarrassing things people have done, and here are the 59 most hilarious stories

Whether it’s accidentally saying “you too” when a waiter asks you to enjoy your meal or walking in the same direction after saying goodbye, we all get embarrassed sometimes. Sometimes these moments get so uncomfortable, you just want to hide and hide from the world.

Well, at least we have the Internet where we can embrace our collective weirdness. tiktok user Ryan Maxwell Finds some of the most painful stories on social media and creates funny videos that react to them. Over 2.6M followers must be loving the hilarity of it all as the entire series goes viral.

Below, you’ll find the best experiences we’ve collected from their account, so upvote your favorite and don’t forget to share your embarrassing moments in the comments!

Ryan Maxwell, a digital comedian who has more than 2.6 million followers on TikTok, created a whole series of videos made by people about “shameful content”.

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