This woman looks like Louise in Encanto

“I’ve learned that you can’t always be strong and allow yourself to feel emotions without feeling insecure about expressing yourself.”

Encanto this is the movie of the moment. The same goes for its soundtrack, which tops the Billboard 200 chart.

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Needless to say, people are really connected to this. Especially with Louise, Mirabelle’s older sister/middle child, who has superhuman strength.

Many older/first-generation children saw their reflection in Louise’s struggles when she sang “Surface Pressure”, a song about having to support your family and everyone around you, often at the expense of your own needs.

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So when Maribel Martinez (not to be confused with Mirabel) saw the film and saw Louise for the first time, she told that it was amazing to see someone like her. “I was surprised to see a masculine-feminine representation of a woman. [character]…I was always told that I looked too ‘masculine’ to be feminine, but after seeing Louise, I felt comfortable loving myself even more.”

Contributed By Maribel Martinez

The TikTok of her lips syncing with “Surface Pressure” and curving has been viewed over 28 million times due to the uncanny resemblance she bears to the character. But for Maribel, her connection to the character goes far beyond looks.

She said: “When I was growing up as a middle child, I felt so much pressure to take care of my siblings and handle adult responsibilities. I never had the opportunity to be just a child. I was my mother’s emotional support and role model. younger brothers.”

Contributed By Maribel Martinez

“I felt like I had no choice but to put on that much weight.”

For many, Encanto served as a mirror reflecting the traumas they experienced as children. And in this space, many have also found healing. Regarding Maribel, she said, “I experienced a lot of abuse and trauma as a child. That being said, I also adopted my siblings when I was old enough. It really healed me. and allow myself to feel emotions without feeling insecure about expressing myself.”

And if being like Louise and talking to her is not enough, Maribel can also sing! Here she performs AJ Rafael’s piano cover of “Surface Pressure” with her own rendition of the song:

Do you also remember how Louise moved her hips literally boulders?

Well, we have a clip of Maribel doing the exact same thing… without the boulders, anyway.

Yes, she recreated that too.

Since then, thousands of people have commented on her videos, with people either pointing out the physical resemblance, the importance of representation, or sharing their personal connections with Louise. “I was surprised and shocked that so many people can relate to Louise,” Maribel said. “Honestly, I’m honored to be called the real Louise.”

In recent TikTok, she was also seen wearing a full-blown Louise outfit, so Maribel plans to take the look to the next level very soon. She said, “I will cosplay for Louise and work on other projects.”

We look forward to seeing the full look come to life and the healing continues!

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