“Ticket to Heaven” – the star car of George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

We all know what’s going on here, why would anyone buy a ticket for a Ticket to Paradise. The brilliant power of the world’s biggest movie stars is a powerful allure.

Yes, there are more “celebrities” than ever thanks to social media influencers, an explosion of streaming titles, and niche fandoms. But nothing compares to old-fashioned movie stars, those who can grab and hold our attention from the first smile.

And if George Clooney and Julia Roberts are not part of this elite group, then who are?

ticket to heaven is a reunion between Clooney and Roberts, and their on-screen chemistry is second to none. Everything that flared up in ocean’s eleven, Ocean’s Twelve as well as money monstercrunches in ticket to heaven.

This movie directed by Ol ParkerMama Mia 2), a stellar car and a bit more. But that’s also the only reason you should go watch it, so if it’s a game of expectations, everyone wins to some extent.

Because Clooney and Roberts are in shape. This is exactly the kind of genre where they can push their charm to 12, turn on the full power of their charisma, and distract you from the fact that the movie itself is generic, predictable, and loses momentum about halfway through.

But often the expectations of romantic comedies are so low that even a passable, formulaic one can seem like it has fulfilled its promise by simply existing. And if you add Clooney and Roberts, then this is a cut above just courtesy.

Architect David (Clooney) and gallery owner Georgia (Roberts) have been divorced for nearly two decades. It wasn’t a friendly breakup, and if it wasn’t for their daughter Lily (Caitlin Dever), they’d rather never see each other again.

When Lily tells them that she is going to marry Guede (Maxim Boutier), a man she met just a few weeks ago while on vacation in Bali, David and Georgia rush to the island paradise to stop the wedding.

They are united in this, convinced that Lily is about to repeat the same impulsive mistake they made decades ago. While they have come from a place of love, the two plot to sabotage the wedding by pretending to be happy for Lily.

It’s a typical romantic comedy plot involving devious plans, quirky family and friends – a supporting cast that includes Billie Lourd as Lily’s girlfriend and Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris) as Georgia’s no-nonsense young pilot boyfriend – and the expectation that things will work out exactly the way you think.

There is comfort in these expectations. Sometimes you want to be surprised, and sometimes you just want two attractive movie stars to build bulging eyes at each other, standing against the backdrop of the cleanest beaches and blue skies (the film was shot in the naturally blessed Trinity, replacing Bali).

Strength ticket to heaven easy Clooney and Roberts’ playful chemistry and the rhythm of their dialogue. They shoot each other like absolute pros, but it’s not annoying because it’s also clear that there’s a story between the two characters, partly sucked out of the story between the two actors.

Their dynamic is in the same league as Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. There’s a reason this particular formula has worked since time immemorial – or, you know, since the advent of cinema. This is amazing.

Rating: 3/5

Ticket to Heaven is in theaters now

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