Tiffany Hadish has her own room in Salma Hayek’s London Home.

Salma Hayek is the daughter of a true girl. Just check Many of its feminist measures.. And most importantly, its solid female bonds are like that. New friendship with him Eternal Co-star Angelina Jolie. Who doesn’t want to be friends with a Mexican actress?

See what his old friend is, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz“I love Salma Hayek. We’ve been friends for a long time. I admire how she came so far and has always been on the ground and who she is.” He has never compromised to live up to his vision, and he is loyal. Such qualities only mark the great stars. ”

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The same can be said of Hayek. Like an owner Co-star and close friend, Tiffany Hadish. Both have spoken out about their love for each other. During a feature. GlamorHadish also praised Freda Starr’s hair. “She strikes me sometimes,” he said. Girls trip. Star “And it makes me cream, a little bit.” So how close are they in real life? Well, they sleep over. Here is the whole dish.

How their friendship really opened up.

Hayek knew she wanted to befriend Hadish before they met on the set. Like an owner In 2018, “I first met Tiffany, I was at the Matt Gala,” Despardo. The star remembered, “And everyone was very excited and very well dressed. And in their place, you know, Vogue.” [imitates Hadish’s scream]. And then I turned around and she was there. ”

The Oscar-nominated actress said she “fell in love with this crazy man” instantly, completely out of control in the middle of the beautiful Matt Gala, when they finally got to work together. When he started, Hadish said that Hayek immediately contacted him. “The first time I met Salma, she was on the seat,” Hadish said.

“Honey, I love you. You’re amazing, oh, you made me laugh so much.” [in a dramatic impression of Hayek] And I was like, ‘I love this woman.’ “From then on, the two will move closer to each other, moving around with each other on and off the seat.

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Tiffany Hadish’s own room at Salma Hayek’s London Home.

Another compliment Hadish gave to Hayek in this video. Glamor Was about kindness. Young “Look, this is the kindest, most wonderful woman,” she said. Bad trip. Hugging star The fools entered “She let me sleep on her princess bed. I woke up thinking I was ten years old again. I was like, ‘Oh, finally, I’m a princess.’ At my house, in London.”

“And when we show the house – ‘and this is Tiffany’s room’ – I swear,” he continued. The bed, as described earlier, is a “circle bed.” The comedian also described his close relationship with Hayek as “living my best life”.

I in an appearance See live what happens.He joked that Hayek should introduce him to his new friend Angelina Jolie. “Can you tell her I want to cook for her?” Hadid said. Hayek replied in the affirmative, “She will love you, she will love you.”

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He is also close to his other ‘boss-like’ co-stars.

Rose Byrne, who plays Hadish’s business partner. Like an ownerHe also has a close relationship with two co-stars. “So the first time I met Tiffany, she came to him. Immediate family. Set and I was embarrassed, “Byrne said.” Salma doesn’t believe me. But I thought she was beautiful. The actress was laughing about Hadish’s “beautiful eyes” and “cool camouflage jacket”. .

Eventually, Hadish realized that Byron had only “one action.” When they were told they would play against each other. Like an ownerHadish decides to call his co-star to find out what’s really going on. “I called him, the conversation on the phone was good,” he said. No one is stupid. The star “Then I was like ‘Meet me at my hotel’ and now I’m pregnant with it. [laughs]. ”

Hayek also revealed that she was nervous about meeting Byron for the first time in the trailer. She said she joined the cast weeks later and had to make some adjustments to her part, different from what everyone had read before. However, Byron “could not have been more generous and loving.” Bandidas The actress as it turned out, Brides The star was also afraid to meet him. Move fast now: these three are good friends who support and encourage each other.

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Salma Hayek and her husband
Salma Hayek is rich, but her husband is a foul-smelling rich man.

Hayek may be worth millions, but she fell in love with one of the richest billionaires in the world, Franواois-Henri Penault.

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