TikToker saw his hospital bills drop from $4,000 to $950 just because he asked for receipts, Adam Conover explains why

Going to the hospital is often scary. You or someone you love may be very sick, you may be in a lot of pain, or if you live in the United States, you are probably afraid of the upcoming medical bills you will receive. Hospitals in the US are notorious for charging patients absurd prices for little things like $15 for one Tylenol or $53 for a pair of gloves, but as one TikToker recently found out, there might be a way around that price.

In April, Trejohn Wilson posted TikTok stating that his $4,000 hospital bill was conveniently reduced to $950 after he asked for a detailed receipt. After the video went viral, comedian Adam Conover responded: another TikTok explains how arbitrary hospital bills can be. Below you can hear Adam talk about how medical bills get such absurd prices, read some of the responses these videos received, and let us know in the comments how you feel about this information.

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2 months ago on TikToker, Trejon Wilson shared how his $4,000 hospital bills were drastically reduced after he asked for an itemized receipt.

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Hospitals in the United States are notorious for charging ridiculously high prices, especially for uninsured patients.

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After seeing Trejohn’s video, comedian Adam Conover responded by explaining how hospitals come up with such inflated prices.

Adam even gave advice on how patients could avoid exorbitant medical bills.

A video of Adam’s response can be viewed here.

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While it’s a relief that Trejohn wasn’t made responsible for the $4,000 bill, it’s frustrating that some patients for whom no one is protecting them are forced to pay those prices. And this was not an isolated case. One man in Utah was billed for $39 for skin-to-skin contact in 2016 because doctors were holding his newborn son after a cesarean delivery. Urgent care fees can also be shockingly expensive. Adria Gross, founder of Medwise Insurance Advocacy, told Healthline“Very often I see emergency care fees ranging from $15,000 to $50,000. It happens all too often when it’s less than an hour’s work.”

The same services and treatments can be paid for in completely different ways, as Adam pointed out on his TikTok. Not everyone pays the same price. Adria told Healthline that she was once billed $8,000 for a CT scan that should have cost between $200 and $400. “On average, 75 to 80 percent of invoices contain errors,” says Adria. “You always need to check if there are any repeated statements. And make sure your healthcare provider sees you if you’re being billed for services.”

These exorbitant bills are not only frustrating for patients, but can be devastating to their lives. Medical debt has become a major problem in the US, and a recent study found that 23 million Americans owe significant amounts. About 16 million of these people owe more than $1,000, and 3 million of them are responsible for medical bills of more than $10,000. While those without insurance are more likely to have significant medical debt, there is still no reason why this should be such a common problem. It’s nice to know that nonprofits exist to help patients, but it would be even better if Americans could simply seek treatment without the risk of going into debt. Have you ever received a very large medical bill? Whether you’ve been in Tre’jon’s place before or not, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the situation below.

Viewers responded by repeating how absurd hospital allegations can be and sharing their own experiences.

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