TikTok’s hilarious take on the importance of setting boundaries at work went viral with nearly 12 million views.

After the pandemic calmed down and people started going back to their normal lives, something changed in their minds and they started working overtime and putting in effort for the team and the company if they didn’t get commensurate compensation. .

This philosophy has a name that was developed in 2009 and has grown this year, especially on TikTok. One of the proponents of ‘working for your own wages’ is Sarai Marie, who sketches exaggerated situations at work in which Valerie’s character sets healthy boundaries and encourages one not to compromise their work-life balance. would give

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A woman is going viral on TikTok because she makes videos about the workplace where she tells her boss what everyone wants to say.

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Sarai Marie is a content creator on TikTok who celebrated the milestone of 100k followers in June and a few months later currently has 1.7 million followers. Her videos continue to go viral and perhaps this has to do with the shared feelings of feeling abused by the system.

Her TikTok account is dedicated to short videos depicting situations you might face at work, such as being overworked, being asked to stay late after work, Being asked to be available on vacation, and many more. Other similar.

The two main characters in the skits are Veronica, the employee who is unwilling to do more than her job description, and Susan, the boss who always expects more than just a minimal effort.

Other characters include Deborah, who is very hardworking and doesn’t mind sacrificing her time or sleep if she knows she can finish the job overnight. There’s also Kendra, who follows Veronica’s philosophy of not needing to be reminded that work hours are over. There’s also Bianca, the kind-hearted HR who’s on Veronica’s side.

Sarai Meri became popular on TikTok for her video skits in which her character Veronica is ‘paying her dues’ and setting strict boundaries.

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Veronica’s catchphrase is “with respect”—that’s how she responds to Susan when she’s about to say no to what she’s told because her boss is overstepping her boundaries. She is constantly seen with a cup of coffee, often eats breakfast and sometimes cries because she hates her job and its toxic environment.

The videos are quite hilarious with Veronica’s exaggerated voice, dramatic facial expressions and crazy laughter. But they actually reflect the scenarios she has gone through in real life.

For her minimum wage, she puts minimal effort into her work and does not go the extra mile to please her boss.

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It opened up. Business Insider That she’s been through it all and had to quit a horrible job to save her sanity. So when the woman saw that work-related videos were starting to gain attention, she realized that a lot of people liked her, so she started showing them the way.

The TikToker explained what his slogan “follow your paycheck” means: “If you’re following your paycheck, it means that the effort you’re putting in should reflect that amount. is what you’re being paid. So you’re not going to go above and beyond and do the work of two or three people and do all this extra work if you’re not even making a really remunerative wage. “

In her opinion, quietly quitting doesn’t mean you’re a bad worker or don’t do your job, but “it just means making sure you go to work and when you feel burned out.” If you do, you set those limits.”

This role represents a trend that has grown this year called the silent quitter, who is doing exactly what your job description requires.

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People are tired, overworked and burned out. They feel that going above and beyond is not worth it because they get nothing in return. And although this trend received a backlash from employers, it only showed that they expect their employees to do more and work harder.

Maria Korduchs, Ph.DAssociate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Nottingham and Director of the Center for Interprofessional Education and Learning, notes that Gen Z will not work as hard at work as adults during the financial crisis, political turmoil and pandemic. They do not have the same belief that previous generations had that hard work will lead to success.

It doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee, but you just don’t try to get more because it often doesn’t help.

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Business Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers Although quitting is a relatively new term, research shows that setting strict boundaries allows employees to improve their well-being, protect them from burnout and reduce toxic productivity, they say. Helps not to fall prey to.

While quitting can help mental health in some ways, it can also lead to more negative feelings of “feeling like their role is pointless, pointless, and boring,” as psychologist Tanya Taylor points out. What is it.

There is also a possibility that your career may not progress and your superiors may get rid of you because colleagues may feel that you are not pulling your weight, as there will always be someone who pushes the envelope. Get more success.

While this can slow your career progression and make you feel less fulfilled at work, it can increase your well-being through a healthy work-life balance.

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There are a few things to consider before quietly retiring and you should consider what makes you feel most comfortable, but the general consensus seems to be that bosses have high expectations. And not planning to make up for it.

Do you think this is a more negative or positive trend? What do you think about the motto of Sarai Meri acting in your salary? Do you think you can allow yourself to work less hard at your job without fear of punishment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Angry Panda has contacted Sarai Mary for comment.

You can watch the funny skit in the video below.

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In the comments, people loved TikTok’s style and have taken inspiration from it to do the same when they feel the need.

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