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TIL that if two pieces of similar metals touch in a vacuum like outer space, and if both pieces are perfectly flat and polished, they will indeed fuse to effectively make one new piece. Atoms in the metals share electrons and bond permanently. This is called cold welding.

barzobius , Ms. weld Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that at the ancient Olympics, cheating athletes would be fined and the fines used to build bronze statues at the entrance of the Olympic stadium, each inscribed with the name of the cheater and how they cheated

DAJ1 , ace-classicist Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL The Golden Raspberry Awards has made retractions on two occasions. Bruce Willis had his Raspberry category retracted once it was discovered he was suffering from aphasia. Shelley Duvall’s nomination was retracted because of Kubrick’s mistreatment on The Shining.

jamescookenotthatone , giantfreakinrobot Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL Freddie Mercury’s introductory scatting vocal on “Under Pressure” was improvised during an experiment suggested by David Bowie, as Brian May recalls it: “David said, ‘Okay, let’s each of us go in the vocal booth and sing how we think the melody should go and we’ll compile a vocal out of that.'”

Bubbly-Incident , happymag Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that a drop of water spends an average of nine days in the atmosphere before falling back to Earth. If it should fall in the ocean it may take it over 3000 years before evaporating again.

John-Piece , Vlad Chețan Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are the Disappointment Islands. Named by John Byron in 1765, because he found the natives to be hostile towads him.

Mans_Fury , EwanSmith Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that in response to fans demanding the show Metalpocalipse be continued, Adult Swim set up a live stream of the a fax machine printing the petition to bring back the show… only for the faxes to be dropped straight into a trash bin.

lion_OBrian , thewrap Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that Jimmy Carter, at 97, is the oldest living President, the longest-lived President, and also has the longest retirement ( 41 years ) of any President

MetaJoel , Department of Defense Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL: In 1990 a courier was robbed on a street in London, England. The robber made off with bearer bonds to the value of £292 million. Today, this is equivalent to £758 million – or $1.086 billion USD. This is still the highest amount ever stolen in a street robbery.

JonnySparks , Basher Eyre Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL Hummingbirds have an exceptional memory due to an enlarged hippocampus. This allows them to remember the exact location of specific hummingbird feeders along their migration path from North America to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Winger52 , Charles J. Sharp Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that in 2006, FBI agents attempted to arrest prison guards at the Federal Correctional Institution, Tallahassee, after having learnt the guards were trading drugs for sex with female inmates. One of the guards opened fire with a personal handgun, killing one agent and wounding another.

RexSueciae , bop.gov Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL an Orange County man named Jeff Reitz went to Disneyland every day for over 8 years, 2,995 consecutive days, and only stopped because of Covid on March 14, 2020.

fenix1230 , Tuxyso Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that the Allstate “Mayhem” actor Dean Winters, died for about 3 minutes, and was then revived. The infection that caused this also led to two toes and a thumb needing to be amputated.

Aerodim101 , denofgeek Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL Chicken Parmesan is not an Italian dish, it was invented in America by Italian immigrants and the first published recipe was in a NY newspaper in 1953. The dish became wildly popular in Australia where its served with salad and fries, although they hotly debate if the fries go under the chicken

Bluest_waters , Jadafaa Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca was so terrifying to Rome that they would use the phrase “Hannibal is at the gates” whenever disaster struck. When the romans finally defeated Hannibal, they built statues of him in the streets of Rome to advertise their defeat of such a worthy adversary.

firstpc13 , Mommsen Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL Medieval myths surrounding salamanders being resistant to fire were due to salamanders habit of hibernating in logs… putting another log in the fire = salamander scurrying from the fire … leading people to believe they were “born of fire”.

Geek_Nan , Petar Milošević Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL of the ‘Fry and Turnbull effect’ on prostate cancer in the UK. In 2008 news presenter Bill Turnbull and broadcaster Stephen Fry both had a prostate cancer diagnosis and urged other men to come forward for help. It caused a 36% increase in patients receiving treatment the following year.

Status-Victory , independent Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was founded by FDR’s New Deal in 1933. In its 9 year existence the CCC employed nearly 3 million men, planted over 3.5 billion trees, and established more than 700 state parks. It was the most rapid peacetime mobilization in US history.

foxymoxy18 , BLM Oregon & Washington Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that the oldest ship in the world still afloat is the USS Constitution. Built in the 1790s to serve as one of the first ships of the brand-new US Navy, she served for approximately 80 years before being removed from service and converted into a floating museum.

SplittingHares , Seaman Matthew R. Fairchild Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that Billings, MT has the highest rate of depression in the United States (31% of the population).

LuckyLaceyKS Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL a donut shop in Portland, Oregon was told by the FDA to stop adding medicine to food because it included Nyquil and Pepto Bismol to its donuts.

AudibleNod , Jia Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL Sushi grade and Sashimi grade fish is actually super frozen fish, not fresh fish. It is frozen below -60f. in the usa, there is no regulation, and any supplier can claim sushi grade fish.

zenthing , FLY:D Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that in 1956, the Comics Code Authority tried to prevent a story from being printed because it involved a black astronaut, even though this was never actually forbidden by the Code. Fortunately, the publisher managed to get the CCA to back down by threatening to take the matter to court.

ShabtaiBenOron , .lookie-lookie Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL cyber criminals with the help of A.I voice cloning software, used a deepfaked voice of a company executive to fool a Emirati bank manager to transfer 35 million dollars into their personal accounts. The bank manager had recognized the executive’s voice from having worked with him before.

delano1998 , Pixabay Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) The surface layers of the vaginal wall are made of mucosal tissue—similar to the tissue that lines your mouth, nose, and digestive tract.

danuser8 , Andrea Piacquadio Report

TIL For weeks, Ganeshpur, a village in eastern Bihar, India, had to put up with frequent power outages that only seemed to occur a few hours after sunset. It was later revealed that an electrician was cutting the village’s power whenever he wanted to see his girlfriend in secrecy in the dark.

delano1998 Report

TIL Byzantine princess Theophano, wife of Holy Roman emperor Otto was resented by the emperor’s courtiers for her peculiar habits, including “luxurius tastes”, like demanding to take a bath daily and using “a golden double prong to bring food to her mouth”, instead of eating with her hands

Ainsley-Sorsby Report

“Today I Learned”: 102 Curious Things About The World People Didn’t Learn At School (New Posts) TIL that when a poisonous gas leak was found at 11:45pm immediately before the Bhopal disaster in 1984 that killed thousands, a decision was made to do something about it after the 12:15am tea break.

mankls3 , Bhopal Medical Appeal Report

TIL that there’s a room in the basement of Oregon State Hospital now known as, “The Room of Forgotten Souls.” In 2004, several copper cans were discovered containing the remains of 3,600 psychiatric patients cremated on-site between 1917-1973.

Not-Patrick Report

TIL that raw sweet potatoes are actually not very sweet on their own but contain an enzyme called Beta-Amylase which breaks down the starch in the potato and turns it into sugar. When a sweet potato is cooked, the higher temperature speeds up the enzyme resulting in the sweet potato’s sweetness.

conunlapiz Report

TIL in silkworm farms of 16th century Italy, delicate silkworm eggs were incubated by women who carried them in small bags next to their skin, sometimes between their breasts

RJtrip Report

TIL award-winning writer William Goldman would make up bedtime stories for his daughters (4yo & 7yo). One of them wanted tales of princesses, the other wanted brides, so he combined them. These stories became his next book: “The Princess Bride”

Pfeffer_Prinz Report

TIL: John Michell in 1783, published a paper speculating the existence of black holes, and was forgotten until the 1970s

Philosophile42 Report

TIL Lal Bihari Mritak is an Indian farmer and activist who was officially declared dead between 1975 and 1994. He fought with Indian bureaucracy for 19 years to prove that he is alive.

happy_bluebird Report

TIL The final episode of M*A*S*H was two and a half hours long and was viewed by an audience of 121 million.

haddock420 Report

TIL Tonic water was created as an early prophylactic treatment against Malaria (due to the added Quinine) by the British army. They added Gin to improve taste and now we have the G&T.

miniclaw Report

TIL that in Singapore, one would require a permit to own a car known as the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), often costing as much as the vehicle itself, if not more. Introduced in 1990, its implementation is largely due to regulate the growth of cars in the country.

ExtensionWees Report

TIL Apple created a custom mouse colloquially nicknamed ‘the hockey puck’, that lasted for only two years, 1998-2000, before it was discontinued in favor of a more traditional shape. It is considered one of Apple’s more notorious flops.

ChronosBlitz Report

TIL about Enforcers, an unofficial role in ice hockey who’s job is to deter dirty or violent plays by the opposition by responding with more violence.

andreasdagen Report

TIL: Of the 8 known polar bear – grizzly bear hybrids, all of them are descended from the same mother polar bear

snoodhead Report

TIL When a horse and donkey mate they make a mule (or hinnie). Mules are stronger than horses and donkeys of the same size and are more resilient to disease.

MTG-NicolBolasfanboi Report

TIL due to a blight that wiped out most N. American Chestnut trees, most domestic Chestnut hardwood is salvaged from old support beams or fallen trees and is very rare/expensive.

Dynomeru Report

TIL The US banned sliced bread during WWII as a rationing measure to save the wax paper and plastic used to wrap it. The ban was reversed 3 months later because there was widespread consumer backlash and savings were less than anticipated.

glitterphobia Report

TIL about rescue buoys used in the English channel in WWII. Designed to provide shelter for the pilots or crew of aircraft shot down or forced to make an emergency landing over water, they contained food, cigarettes, liquor, flares and even board games to pass the time.

Grothorious Report

TIL Empress Anna of Russia was known for her cruelty and once forced a prince to act as her jester and had him married to her maid. Anna had an ice palace constructed for their wedding where they were locked in for the night and informed they had to consummate if they wished to survive the cold.

ChronosBlitz Report

TIL when Trading Places, starring Eddie Murphy, came out in 1983 it was legal to use misappropriated government information to trade in the commodity markets. In 2010 it was finally made it illegal and it is known as the “Eddie Murphy Rule”. (reposted with valid source)

Better__Off_Dead Report

TIL that the Second Congo War (1998 – 2003), also known as the African World War, was the deadliest conflict since WW2 with 5.4 million deaths.

kiedtl Report

TIL in the wake of the Mississippi Burning murders, the FBI, having no leads or informants, enlisted the help of mafia enforcer Gregory Scarpa. His kidnap and ‘interrogation’ of a local suspect provided the information the DOJ needed to prosecute within days.

kevlarbuns Report

TIL that 95% of all thoroughbred racehorses today can trace their lineage back to a single horse, Darley Arabian, born over 300 years ago.

mckinneym Report

TIL that in 1909 the entire town of Ulysses, Kansas was relocated 3 miles west to escape their debts

tomatoaway Report

TIL that in 1962 there was a bill proposed to change the name of Philippines to Malaysia but the then newly independent neighbouring country took the name before the bill was passed.

keth07 Report

TIL In the 1940’s, the Japanese army designed specialized bombs full of live mice, specifically to infect Chinese and Korean civilians with the Plague (which has a 70% mortality rate without immediate treatment).

Frisky_Cow Report

TIL Servilia’s pearl was a black pearl given by Julius Caesar to his favourite mistress. According to Suetonius it was worth 6 million sesterces (approximately $1.5 billion now.)

HoneyGlazedBadger Report

TIL that the Chinese warlord Zhang Zongchang, who ruled Shandong during a turbulent period of civil war and was known for his exceptional brutality and sexual exploits, kept his elderly mother near him at all times. Even on campaign, he gave her a personal railcar to accompany his army in.

a2soup Report

TIL that the 4th largest polished diamond in the world is in the King’s Crown and a previous crown was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell

SeminolesRenegade Report

TIL that in his famous paper, Computing Machinery And Intelligence, Alan Turing recommended that the Turing Test be performed in a ‘telepathy-proof room’ so the human couldn’t use psychic powers to identify the computer

DeadForDecember Report

TIL that the human fingertip can feel the difference between a smooth surface and one with a pattern embedded just 13 nm deep

ProlificParrot Report

TIL Snoop Dogg had a sketch comedy show called “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle” in 2002 on MTV. It lasted for eight episodes. The show was canceled after the rapper asked for $1 million to return for a second season.

Bubbly-Incident Report

TIL Before the “Hot-Water-Bottle” people would use other people or animals to keep warm. Families and visitors would all sleep in the same bed. Barn animals were popular. Lap dogs were popular with the wealthy.

TimReddy Report

TIL that Phil Sokolof, a wealthy businessman who ate fast food daily and suffered a heart attack, launched a $15 million dollar campaign against McDonald’s for their “unhealthy menu”, forcing the burger chain to switch from cooking in beef tallow to the “healthier” vegetable oil.

LethalPoopstain Report

TIL: A rattlesnake’s rattle doesn’t work like a maraca, with little bits shaking inside. The rattle is actually a bunch of loosely interlocking segments made out of keratin.

novapbs Report

TIL everyone has Olfactory Adaption and cannot smell their surroundings after a few minutes. This is why you cannot smell your house but your guests can.

PinkyAndBrains Report

TIL that the Castle Bravo nuclear test was 3x as powerful as the designers expected. This was due to unexpected fission of lithium-7, which greatly increased the yield of the other nuclear reactions.

ryandiy Report

TIL the NASA X-43 achieved Mach 9.6 with a jet engine. The unmanned 3.6 meter aircraft were used to prove the design and were purposely crashed into the ocean on test completion. An aircraft that could sustain this speed would be able to travel 1000 kilometers every 5 minutes.

MoronTheBall Report

TIL that the British royal family owns a stamp collection worth £100 million.

cartstanza Report

TIL. Babies have around 300 bones in their body at birth. As they grow, the bones fuse together and become 206 bones by adulthood.

Quantum_II Report

TIL that you don’t need a state driver’s license to compete in NASCAR.

ciph_3r Report

TIL Devils Hole is a window into a vast aquifer and an unusual indicator of seismic activity around the world. The pool reacts to large quakes far away. Quakes in Mexico, Japan, Indonesia and Chile have caused water to ‘slosh’ around like water in a bathtub (up to two meter waves)

unnamed887 Report

TIL: The most expensive photograph was made by Man Ray and cost $12.4 million

wwqt Report

TIL during the salem witch trials, none of the people who actually confessed of being a witch were executed. All 19 who WERE executed of being a witch refused to confess.

Demonicstar80 Report

TIL The head of the Gestapo during WW2, Heinrich Muller, was never found. Multiple conflicting stories about his death or survival exist, and he’s one of the highest ranking ‘missing’ Nazis.

No-Bottle8391 Report

TIL Brazilian footballer Rivaldo grew up in poverty and suffered such malnourishment it caused caused bowleggedness and the loss of several adult teeth, and coaches saying he was too physically weak to succeed . Despite this he went onto win the World Cup, the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.

Status-Victory Report

TIL The success of Rollerball (1975) led to promoters wanting to buy the rights to the in-film sport. The director, Norman Jewison, was outraged as the movie was to show the “sickness and insanity of contact sports and their allure.”

jamescookenotthatone Report

TIL the most effective surrender leaflet in WW2 was known as the “Passierschein”. It was designed to appeal to German sensibilities for official, fancy documents printed on nice paper with official seals and signatures. It promised safe passage and generous treatment to any who presented it.

C-c-c-comboBreaker17 Report

TIL that Terry Nichols on June 1, 2004 was sentenced to 161 life sentences plus 9,300 years parole for being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing.

ShellHead46 Report

TIL: Qian Xuesen, a Chinese rocket scientist who graduated from MIT and Caltech, a major contributor to the field of engineering and aerodynamics, worked on the Manhattan Project, deported by the US during the Red Scare to China, and became the “Father of Chinese Rocketry”

Krelius Report

TIL that Militant Buddhist warrior monks were a major force during the warring states era of Japan with the ruler of kaga province being overthrown by them. They were only defeated when oda nobunaga waged a decade long war against them.

Choice_Shine5123 Report

TIL Captive male orcas have a 80-90% rate of dorsal fin collapse, the rate for wild orcas has been estimated at

jamescookenotthatone Report

TIL In June 2022 Belgium returned the gold-capped tooth of Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba had been executed in 1961 and the tooth was all that remained after the first Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo was dissolved in acid and his bones ground to dust.

jamescookenotthatone Report

TIL That John Adams, 2nd President of the United States, acted as the legal defense for the soldiers involved in the Boston massacre. None were charged with murder, and six were acquitted of all crimes.

Annual-Load-8355 Report

TIL that the Mechanical Turk, a chess-playing illusion, fooled observers in Europe and the Americas for 84 years, from its creation in 1770 until its destruction by fire in 1854. It was operated by a human chess master hiding within the machine, who gave the Turk the appearance of playing chess.

ralphbernardo Report

TIL Chicken Katsu was invented in the late 1800s by a Tokyo restaurant that wanted to offer a European-style meat cutlet to British businessmen

NotGalenNorAnsel Report

TIL until last year (2021), gas pumps in Hawaii were not allowed to have a hands free mode.

waiting_for_rain Report

TIL the USA and Canada don’t use A4 sized paper, but instead uses Letter sized as their standard which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

HRapidz Report

TIL Mark Twain was one of the first American writers to document native islanders surfing in Polynesia. In his 1872 travelogue, “Roughing It”, Twain describes watching it, and even attempts it himself. But only once.

kevlarbuns Report

TIL that during the Pony Express’ 18 months of operation, it covered a distance equivalent to circling the Earth 30 times to deliver a total of 34,753 letters, and only lost one bag of mail.

ShamelessCat Report

TIL the nineteen days between September 16th and October 4th are the nineteen most common birthdays in the England and Wales

JorWat Report

TIL that Francium is the second rarest naturally occurring element–as little as 20–30 g (1oz) exists at any given time throughout the Earth’s crust.

slinkslowdown Report

TIL the US rationed Coffee for a period of time during WWII, limiting households to 1 pound every 5 weeks, averaging out to one cup per day per household. The rationing began in November 1942 and ended in July 1943.

AspireAgain Report

TIL that when Madonna’s first single was released, the record label promoted her as a Black artist, down to making the cover a collage of downtown New York featuring Black people rather than a picture of her. This ended when she convinced the label to let her shoot a music video.

narrator_uncredited Report

TIL Hans Christian Anderson was huge fanboy of Charles Dickens & annoyed the hell out of him by overstaying his welcome as a guest

Rossco1874 Report

TIL of the Loughton incinerator thefts. Between 1988 and 1992 at the Bank of England’s incinerator plant, four employees stole more than £600,000 of used bank notes due for incineration. They were eventually found out when the husband of one tried to deposit £100k in used £20s and £50s.

Status-Victory Report

TIL of Suero de Quiñones, a knight who spent a month camped next to a bridge with 10 of his friends to challenge every knight who crossed to a joust for no reason except to meet a goal of breaking “300 lances”.

richardboucher Report

TIL that mosquitos don’t feed on blood as their daily source of food; they actually consume nectar. Female mosquitos only require blood as a source of protein to develop their eggs.

Truegold43 Report

TIL the phone number of the very first house to have a residential phone line installed was “1.”

douggold11 Report

TIL that there were many “Southern Unionists” during the US Civil War. 40% of US Military Officers from Virginia fought for the Union and approximately 100,000 Southern Unionists served in the Union Army, with units of White Troops raised from every Southern state except South Carolina.

AspireAgain Report

TIL Prince Jefri of Brunei left hundreds of cars, including over 300 Mercedes-Benz sedans and convertibles, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and others, to rot in the jungles of Brunei. An audit by the Sultan discovered $40 billion in “special transfers”; of which the Prince spent $14.8b.

OyVeyzMeir Report

TIL that OMEGA, Olympic Games official timekeepers and scorers since 1932, had asked organizers before the 1976 Games whether the scoreboards needed to accommodate four digits. They were told it was not necessary. As a result, when Nadia Comaneci performed a perfect routine, the timer showed 1.00.

CyberSibey Report

TIL Marino Faliero, the only Doge of Venice in history to have been executed for a coup attempt, was erased from all official documentation and had his portrait in the Doge’s Palace painted over with a black cloth.

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