Todd and Julie Crisley face up to 30 years in prison

Todd and Julie Crisley, television program stars, Chrisley knows bestwere convicted on all counts of banking and tax fraud after a three-week trial.

It comes after the couple were accused of creating false paperwork to get $30 million in bank loans and then filing for bankruptcy so they wouldn’t have to pay back the $20 million they owe, according to People.

Todd, fifty-three, and Julie, forty-nine, were the stars behind Chrisley knows best since March 2014. The reality TV couple have three children: Chase, twenty-six, Savannah, twenty-four, and Grayson, sixteen. Todd also has two children with his first wife Teresa Terry. His other two children are Lindsey, 32, and Kyle, 30.

The TV show features Todd, Julie and their children, who seem live the perfect southern life while their parents make money from real estate. However, even though their lifestyle seems quite luxurious, there are certainly some gaps behind closed doors.

And the show wasn’t lying… Because the couple could face up to 30 years in prison after a jury finds them guilty on all counts of banking and tax fraud.

Todd and Julie were convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, tax fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Julie was also convicted of wire fraud.

Their attorney, Bill Morris, said an “appeal” was pending.

Their lawyer testified People: Both Chrisleys are devastated and disappointed by the verdict and will be appealing. Julie and Todd are very grateful for the love and support shown by their family, friends and fans. They both remain strong in their faith and will continue to “fight” until they are justified. They have their own priorities and are currently focused on the well-being of their children and Todd’s mother, Elizabeth Faye Chrisley.”

The reality TV stars reportedly received their $30 million just 2 years before their show aired in 2014.

In 2019, the couple were accused of tax evasion, but they were acquitted at a hearing in Georgia. However, they were not acquitted for federal tax evasion, and investigations into the allegations were still pending.

Many people had different opinions about this…

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One person took to Twitter to to tell: “Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty on federal charges. There was very little evidence that Todd Chrisley could have hidden in the closet.”

Other wrote: “So Julie and Todd Chrisley will also be criminals. Look, even though it’s great TV, if you don’t pay taxes or hide your money, don’t go on a reality show! Period! The background check you do before you go on TV will backfire on you sooner or later.”

But some thought otherwise

“Please take heart. There is a blessing on your way. People always try to kick people when they think you’re depressed. But, Todd Chrisley, you’ve inspired a lot of people. Keep your head up and I’m praying for you and Julie” – one user. wrotewith Todd Chrisley answering “You are very kind, thank you very much.”

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