Tommy Fury surprised the girl Molly Mae Haig with a trip to New York on New Year’s Eve

Tommy Fury revealed that love was in the air when he surprised his girlfriend Molly Mae Haig with plane tickets to New York.

The social media star shared on Instagram her excitement as she prepares to celebrate the New Year in the Big Apple.


Molly Mae Haig Shares News Of Going Overseas On New Years EveCredit: instagram
Boxer Tommy Fury surprised the girl with tickets to New York


Boxer Tommy Fury surprised the girl with tickets to New YorkCredit: instagram
A set of designer suitcases completed the star's outfit.


A set of designer suitcases completed the star’s outfit.Credit: instagram

Molly, 22, posted a picture of her wearing joggers, a long warm brown coat and a must-have face mask, lugging her Louis Vuitton luggage at Manchester airport.

She wrote, “Your boyfriend surprised you with a trip to New York.”

Their buddy and co-star in Love Island, Maura Higgins, commented and said, “Good luck and safe flight ♥ ️.”

At the same time, 22-year-old boxer Tommy shared a photo of them both sitting, waiting to board the flight.

He chuckled, “What would I do without you, my girl?”

After uploading a snapshot of her business class tickets to her Instagram Stories, Molly told her followers, “Best surprise EVER @tommyfury,” before sharing the photos with them in their seats.

She explained, “Yesterday we were on our usual walk and he told me out of nowhere that I needed to pack my suitcase because he would take me to New York tomorrow.

“Still in shock. I’m so lucky. “

It will be a long-awaited break for a couple who were recently forced to move out of their home following a raid on their £ 800,000 luxury apartment.

While Tommy took another hit when he was forced to abandon the much-publicized fight with American YouTube sensation Jake Paul – due to a chest infection and a fractured rib.

Sources say they now live in a Cheshire mansion once owned by the Premier League star.


It is in a cul-de-sac and outside the gate, so their 24/7 security can easily spot unwanted visitors.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said, “I have such a strange theory in life that everyone has their share of good and bad.

“I don’t know if it’s harmful to think so, but when a lot of good things happen to me in my life, I’m kind of a little afraid that something bad is just around the corner.

“When a lot of good things happen to me, it’s too good to be true, and something bad is definitely looming.”

Before the shocking theft, Molly’s life was getting stronger, with a string of big money deals and a rapidly developing career.

She continued, “I think I have had such an incredible few months in my life – obviously with PLT’s creative director, and I went overseas to film all the time. In fact, the last two years of my life have been an incredibly incredible dream. So I kind of thought about it and rationalized it by breaking into the house.

“I kind of thought okay, it’s time for Tommy and me to fail, and that was our failure — but it has been constant since then. Just one after the other, and every day I woke up with the thought “of course, something else can’t go wrong,” and I tell Tommy that this is just from here, everything can only get better. But things only got worse, which is so strange. “

The former Love Island runner-up is afraid people will find out where she and Tommy now live after the raid.

Molly Mae now has 24/7 security, wears no jewelry, and resists posting photos or videos of her “incredible” new home on social media, even if she wanted to invite her followers on a tour.

She said, “I don’t want to change my lifestyle. I love to share everything, but if it would jeopardize my safety. I can not. This is not fair.

“I’m trying to work on this new balance of sharing, but not too much so that Tommy and I are no longer safe.

“I found this new way of life and now I got personal protection, moved and made sure that not even my nail came to my house. Because I can’t let anyone know where I live now – not even Delivera, no, I can’t, it’s just impossible, it’s just unsafe.

“It takes the wrong person to know where you live.”

On board the fight, the couple wore mandatory face masks.


On board the fight, the couple wore the obligatory face masks.Credit: Instagram
Molly explained how Tommy had surprised her with a trip the night before.


Molly explained how Tommy had surprised her with a trip the night before.Credit: Instagram
It was a tough couple of months for a couple from Love Island.


It was a tough couple of months for a couple from Love Island.Credit: Instagram

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