Tony Armstrong is secretly unmarried despite rumors

Beloved ABC star Tony Armstrong became the cover star of Stellar magazine this week, and in an accompanying interview, recent Most Popular New Talent winner Logie talks about the unusual attention he’s received on his road to stardom.

32 year old AFL player and ABC News Breakfast The presenter turned to one unexpected rumor that arose about his personal life. No, Tony Armstrong is not secretly married.

“If I had a secret wife that I kept hidden all this time, do you think I would tell you? he said Starand also talked about whether he would think about getting married in the future.

“It has to be someone very special and I suppose I have to be in a space where I can also give them what they need… I don’t want anything. You know, my only concern is, “Will I be able to service my mortgage and live the life I want?”

“Everything else, I think, is superfluous. I’m just trying to remind myself to enjoy the ride and not buy into things when they’re going well. And don’t buy into it completely when it’s not.”

Armstrong also downplayed his recent Logies win for the coveted Graham Kennedy Award for Best New Talent.

“Nowhere in Logie does it say that you are really good at your job. This is for the hottest new talent. What the hell does that mean, nothing but a popular vote. I mean, it’s flattering… and I’m very smug about it with my friends – that’s how I end every argument. But that’s all.”

Armstrong’s appearance on Logies this year made headlines for another reason, after he slammed back at a Twitter troll who accused him of “signaling virtue” for acknowledging the country while he was on stage.

The Twitter user who insisted it was time to “quit this nonsense” received a surprise response from Armstrong, who quickly put him in his place: “Shut up bro,” he replied. “I’m black and I have a responsibility to respect the land I’m on.”

Speaking with StarArmstrong said he had no problem answering.

“Honestly, I don’t care what people think. I’m going to say what I think is right. I have never been able to pretend to speak for all indigenous peoples, but I can speak for what I think is right. I don’t always get it right… but I try to never be an accomplice.”

Armstrong dismissed another rumor about himself in a recent interview with, ridiculing rumors that he might one day find love on TV on shows like Bachelor.

“The more interested people are in talking to me, the less I want to do in public space,” he said with a laugh when asked about persistent Bachelor rumors, adding that his “troubling” red carpet debut at Logies was enough of a step out of his comfort zone.

“I really didn’t like red carpets…going to events and things like that, it’s just never going to be me,” he said.

The Truth About OnlyFans Tony

One wild rumor about Armstrong turned out to be true: yes, he started an OnlyFans account last year (despite initially denying it was really him).

Armstrong was seen on a verified account on a subscription-only obscene platform.

He denied at the time that it was him, as reported by, but he has since come to the conclusion that it was actually set up as a ploy to get fans to donate. Royal Children’s Hospital Foundationconceived with Skwosh Club lifestyle brand owners Jack Watts and Jack Turner.

“I’m actually still waiting to get paid for this,” he recently explained to

“I did this because I was sitting with a couple of buddies, Jack Watts and Jack Turner, and they were having a charity shorts party and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we were trolling and tricking people into donating.’ Money’.

“Once they get into OnlyFans, they will understand that the subscription is for this charity… It was just pictures of me with cups of tea, or with a book, or something like that. As a result, we got quite a lot of subscriptions.”

When asked if he had permission from ABC to join the site for a three-week period, he sheepishly replied that he “found out later that he had to.”

“I wouldn’t say I was in trouble… I had a ‘chat’,” he said.

Read the full interview with Tony Armstrong in this week’s Stellar, available free of charge from the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun.

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