Tony Jordan and Colin Teague are working on The Devil’s Promise for MBC and Shahid –

Acclaimed British screenwriter Tony Jordan and BAFTA nominee Colin Teague team up for one film. The devil’s promise the latest big budget TV series from MBC studio in Saudi Arabia.

The couple wrote and directed respectively and hitch star Paula Patton stars as the nation continues to ramp up its TV offering.

The show, which airs on streamer Shahid VIP later this month, follows Ibrahim, who secures a gigantic Cairo slum renovation project on the day his wife is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Refusing to accept the prognosis, Ibrahim tries everything in his power to save her, including promising his soul to Iblis, also known as the Devil, after his death.

The show features Patton along with Amr Youssef, Aisha Ben Ahmed, Fati Abdel Wahab, Yaqub Alfarkhan, Ahmed Magdi, Ahmed Al Rafai, Mohamed Yousri, Mohamed Marzban, Khaled Kamal, Moataz Hisham, Murad Makram, Amr Gamal, Nelly Karim and others. the late Maha Abu Uf.

Jordan and Being human Director Teague also participated in last year’s show in Saudi Arabia. Rashashtells the true story of a Saudi mobster, drug dealer and murderer who terrorized the local population in the 1970s and 1980s.

Worldwide distribution The Devil’s Promise Outside of MENA, MBC Studios’ sales team, which includes Katrina Nylon and Rhonda Elbanna, will handle it.

MBC recently started production on Rise of the witches the largest show in the country to date featuring local cast and crew.

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