Too Hot To Handle Announces Cast Including Harry Styles Lookalike

Netflix announces the cast of the third season of reality TV show Too Hot To Handle, which includes a student midwife and Harry Styles lookalike.

Too Hot To Handle Announces Cast Including Harry Styles Lookalike

Netflix Too Hot To Handle returns with episode 3 on January 19. Ten singles will compete for a huge cash prize, but the trick is that participants will have to avoid any intimate contact in order to win the prize pool.

The vicious virtual assistant Lana will again closely monitor the participants and deduct money from the prize pool every time they break the rules. All members have a turbulent dating past and will be forced to refrain from any physical contact or self-gratification.


The highlight of Too Hot To Handle is that the participants are tricked into going to a tropical island. They think they will have a sex-filled holiday, but instead they will be fined for every touch!

Handsome men and beauties move into villa in Bahamas for Netflix show

As in previous seasons, ten attractive singles will be staying at a luxury villa in the Bahamas for the duration of the show.

Among the attendees is a 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent Bix, who claims he had more boyfriends than hot meals.

Harry, a 29-year-old tree surgeon, is a self-proclaimed Harry Styles doppelganger who considers himself the most secret player. He is also said to have fascinated women all over the world, spending seasons in Ayia Napa and Zante.

Georgia, 26, student midwife from Australia. will also appear on reality TV. She admits that she gets bored easily and quickly leaves, leaving broken hearts all over the world as she travels. Canadian psychology student Holly, who also shows up, works hard, plays hard and struggles to keep the relationship going.

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British PT, Holly, is a competitive ice hockey fan who makes it her mission to attract men. Virginia jazz model and fashion designer runs away when things get too serious, and South Africa’s Nathan claims to be Cape Town’s most famous party-goer.

Hawaiian Patrick is sure to impress, fulfilling many holiday fantasies with her 6’5 ” tall and model looks. Los Angeles model Stevan and Texas student Trut are also part of the group.

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Contestants often break rules too hot to handle

Francesca Farago was the star of the first episode. Too hot to hold and kept showing up on Love is blind: after the altar. During her time on the show, she quickly broke the rules and kissed Harry Jousie and then her housemate.

Last year the prize pool was set at $ 100,000, but even a kiss between the contestants takes $ 3,000 out of the bank. In 2021, the amount was reduced to $ 75,000 (£ 55,400) for the season finale.

Winners Too hot to hold these are those who have achieved “growth” and “spiritual connection”, not those for whom the public voted.

All ten episodes Too hot to hold will be released on Netflix on January 19.

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