Top 12 Frodo Baggins Moments in The Lord of the Rings Franchise

After Gandalf (Ian McKellen) entrusts the Ring of Power to Frodo, Frodo travels to Bree with his fellow Hobbits to meet Gandalf at the Prancing Pony Tavern, from where they will then travel together to Rivendell. Unfortunately, when the hobbits arrive, the Gray Wizard is nowhere to be found.

Frodo knows that Sauron’s forces are looking for a hobbit named Baggins, so he uses the name Underhill to hide his identity outside of the Shire. But when Pippin gets too friendly with the locals at the tavern, he blows Frodo’s cover and causes the hobbit to panic. As Frodo rushes to stop Pippin, he stumbles and falls, and the Ring of Omnipotence slips from his hands. Frodo tries to catch him, but the Ring accidentally slips on his finger and he disappears.

Although Frodo is invisible to those around him, he finds himself in a terrible other world, colorless and dark, where a deafening wind whips him. He is then confronted by a giant eye surrounded by fire – the Eye of Sauron. Frodo quickly removes the Ring, but the damage is done – Sauron now knows that the Ring of Omnipotence has been found.

This scene is so important because it helps the audience understand why the Ring of Omnipotence is so powerful and why wearing it is so dangerous. Plus… it just looks cool.

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