Tori Spelling Celebrates New Years With Her Five Kids As Husband Dean McDermott Struggles With Pneumonia Amid Marriage Issues

Tori Spelling and her kids remembered the magical New Year’s Eve as her bedridden husband Dean McDermott battled pneumonia and spent a night he soon wanted to forget.

The stark contrast in their actions only fuels rumors of ongoing marriage problems.


Tori Spelling and her children celebrate New Year’s Eve at Arrowhead LakeCredit: Instagram
Meanwhile, her husband Dean McDermott is stuck in bed with pneumonia.


Meanwhile, her husband Dean McDermott is stuck in bed with pneumonia.Credit: Instagram

Tory, 48, posted a photo of herself and her five children on Instagram. smiling together at Arrowhead Lake, where we went skiing on the snow-white powder slopes in the New Year.

As the family posed next to the decorated Christmas tree, Tory shared, “Happy New Year 2021 …

“The kids and I have been so excited to continue our family tradition since my elders were babies. I love you @lakearrowheadresortandspa! My parents brought my brother here and I grew up. I wanted my children to continue this tradition. I can’t wait for my kids to bring their kids here one day! “

Meanwhile, the start of the new year was different for Dean, 55, who shared his video. lying in bed, unshaven and disheveled

In a short video, he explained, “I have pneumonia like a dog, but I’m not going to let it hurt my mood.

“2022 is going to be amazing. It’s 2022, we’re going to get through. “

He added the caption: “Happy New Year everyone !!! I fell but did not leave !!

“Pneumonia sucks, but I won’t let it ruin my mood !! Hope your 2022 is full of love, light and prosperity. With love to all of you. “


The couple shared their posts while continuing to solve family problems.

Earlier it was reported that the marriage of Tory and Dean “broke up long ago” and that the actress “plans to file for divorce in the near future.”

This troubled couple, who tied the knot in 2006, have five children: Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 10, Finn, nine, and Bo, four.

Shortly after Tory hinted at breaking up with Dean by taking a family holiday card without him, a source close to Beverly Hills told 90210 alumni. E! news that their marriage was over.

An insider said: “The marriage has been dissolved and has existed for a very long time.

“Tory met with her lawyers and plans to file a lawsuit very soon. She’s trying to figure it all out and first make sure she’s okay. “

The source continued, “This is for the best and it was a long time ago.

“They’ve tried for years to work it out for the kids, but they really don’t get along.

“They have been sleeping in different rooms for months and have not considered themselves ‘married’ for a long time.

“Tory is ready for a fresh start, but trying to act strategically.”


This follows from the report PEOPLE source that Tory and Dean are “in a bad place and value their relationship.”

An insider said: “It was very cold between them for a long time. They went through the spin before, but they always got out of it. “

Dean admitted to cheating on Tory in 2014, while the couple spoke openly about Dean’s infidelity on their reality show True Tori.

The Canadian actor later went to rehab after the scandal.

A source told the publication: “The Tories still have serious trust issues. Part of their relationship was never fully recovered after he cheated.

“They lived a separate life. They will still have family meals and casual walks, but this is for the kids. ”


Amid rumors of their relationship, Tory added fuel to the fire when she unveiled a family Christmas card.

Tori was photographed with her children, but without Dean.

The card read: “Happy Holidays. With love, from our farm to your home! Xoxo, Tori and Family. “

Apart from the fact that he was not photographed, Dean was not mentioned in the postcard.

Tori thanked the company that helped create the card “for bringing our happy family back to life”, calling it “her favorite holiday card so far.”


She hinted even more that she and Dean were done when she showed off the family Christmas stockings.

Tori posted a photo of her posing with a stocking next to five other people with their children’s names.

Fans were quick to point out that Dean did not have stockings, and one of them read “Where is Dina’s name Tory?”

Another added, “No Dean?”

The third commentator replied: “At what point are they going to publicly admit that they are not together and have not been together for a while? All these subtle hints … “

They say that for a couple of months he suffers from family problems.


They say that for a couple of months he suffers from family problems.Credit: Getty
The couple may get divorced soon


The couple may get divorced soonCredit: Getty
Dean said he won't let his illness weaken his New Year's mood


Dean said he won’t let his illness weaken his New Year’s moodCredit: Instagram
Tori Spelling insults husband Dean McDermott on his 55th birthday as she ‘plans to divorce him’

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