Tori Spelling says “her entire family has Covid,” as she feels “worthless as a parent” amid issues with Dean McDermott.

TORI Spelling revealed that she and the rest of her family are battling Covid in an candid Instagram post, noting that she “can barely function” as Dean McDermott deals with her health issues.

The couple were locked in a nasty breakup for months.


According to a recent post from the star, Tori Spelling and her family are battling Covid.Credit: Instagram / Tori Spelling
She admitted that she struggled, telling fans that she felt


She admitted that she struggled, telling fans that she felt “useless”.Credit: Instagram / Tori Spelling

Tory shared Photo with one of her children, seemingly lying together and having a rest.

The couple smiled for the camera, but in her caption, the former 90210 star admitted she’s struggling.

Tory admitted that she has been “missing” lately, offering an explanation in a lengthy post.

She wrote: “I share a lot on social media, but this is one thing I didn’t want to share …

“But at this point, people get frustrated, not getting personal and business answers from me, and wonder why I went missing, so I finally decided to share.

“Our whole family is sick with COVID. Yes, every member got sick. We all have varying degrees of symptoms.

“I was the last one to have symptoms. We all prayed it was just a bad winter cold. But that was not the case. There is nothing worse than wanting to take care of your children, but feeling so sick that you can barely function on your own.

“I feel like a useless parent.”

Tori continued, “Devastated. Mom is supposed to take care of her children when they are sick. This is how it works. But we all go through it together.

“I know that we are not together. So many people go through this too. They went through it. And they will go through it. “

She went on to thank her friend for delivering the “relief package” before concluding, “And if I don’t answer, please understand. Give me some time. 45 minutes start and stop to write. “

Tori included the hashtag: “#covidsucks”.

A few days earlier, Tory had reported that her family was sick.


The actress revealed that she “nervously” started “cooking” in her Instagram story.

She mentioned that “all of her kids” – Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 10, Finn, nine, and Bo, four, “were sick and asleep.

Tori said she “didn’t know what else to do” other than cook.

On the next slide, she shared a clip with her sleeping cat Hattie.

She looked worried about the teen, noting that she “never falls.”

She called her daughter “the strongest.”

Tory said that three of her five children had “high fevers.”

She shares all five of her children with her husband, Dean, who is struggling with the disease himself.


As the new year began, Dean shared with fans that he was sick.

He shared a video in which he lies in bed and looks disheveled and unshaven

In the video, the TV presenter said: “I am sick with pneumonia, like a dog, but I will not let this ruin my mood.”

He continued, “2022 is going to be amazing. We will survive 2022 ”.

Dean wrote: “I hope your 2022 will be full of love, light and prosperity. Great love to all of you. “

Before getting sick, Tories and the kids were together at Arrowhead Lake call in the new year.

They went skiing on the snowy slopes and took pictures together.

Tori shared a photo of them standing together near a Christmas tree.

She signed the post: “Happy New Year 2021.

“The kids and I were so excited to continue our family tradition since my elders were babies.”

Tory continued, “My parents brought me and my brother here when we were growing up.”

She concluded by saying, “I wanted my children to continue this tradition. I can’t wait for my children to bring their children here one day! “

Tori and Dean have been dealing with marriage issues for a while now.

They celebrated the holidays separately, according to a source close to them, who spoke with Eh! news

An insider said their marriage was over, and “for a very long time.

“Tory met with her lawyers and plans to submit an application soon. She’s trying to sort things out and first make sure she’s fine with her finances. “

The source continued, “This is for the best and it was a long time ago.

“They’ve tried for years to work it out for the kids, but they really don’t get along.

“They have slept in separate rooms for months and have not considered themselves ‘married’ for some time.

Tory said in her caption that each family member has different symptoms.


Tory said in her caption that each family member has different symptoms.Credit: Instagram / @ torispelling
They recently went on vacation together.


They recently went on vacation together.Credit: Instagram / Tori Spelling
Tory's ex-husband Dean is also unwell at the moment.


Tory’s ex-husband Dean is also unwell at the moment.1 credit
Tory Spelling celebrates New Years with her five children as husband Dean McDermott battles pneumonia amid marital troubles.

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