TOWIE’s James Argent to swim across the English Channel after mind-blowing 13th weight loss

TOWIE’s James Argent has set himself the goal of swimming across the English Channel after a mind-blowing 13th weight loss.

The 34-year-old reality TV star underwent major stomach surgery to limit her food intake last April.


Towie’s James Argent has set himself the challenge of swimming across the English Channel after his huge 13th weight loss.1 credit
James is an avid swimmer.


James is an avid swimmer.1 credit

Arg has managed to move up from 27th to 14th, and his incredible transformation has given him the confidence to set some fitness goals for himself.

Arg recently revealed to his 820,000 Instagram followers: “After the surgery, I followed the advice and ate a healthy diet with smaller portion sizes.

“I also trained in the gym to get stronger.

“There are plans to swim across the English Channel.”

In 2019, James was unable to swim the full length of the Sink or Swim Channel on Channel 4.

Television favorites Alex Booker, Sair Khan and Wes Nelson only covered 16 of 21 miles.

James has a passion for swimming because in October 2020 he decided to celebrate a year of sobriety by sailing from Europe to Africa.

An Essex guy recently shared an amazing before-and-after comparison on his Instagram.

He told his subscribers: “9 months ago I dreamed of having SUCH @ adele moment and here it is 🙌🏼.

“After I was 27 stones, depressed and the doctors told me I was on death row, I decided to have a gastric sleeve with @wearetransform, which reduced the size of my stomach and limited the amount of food I eat.

“Since then I have lost a total of 13 stones and now weigh 14 stones, which has exceeded all expectations. I have never felt happier and healthier.

“I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have ever made. It prompted me to take my eating and exercise habits seriously. “

Earlier this week, Arg looked slimmer than ever when he stripped down to swimming shorts when he went swimming in an outdoor pool in Essex this week.

Trim Arg withstood the winter cold to continue working on transforming his body a year after stomach surgery.

He is virtually unrecognizable from the man he was last April when he was pictured wearing his 27-pound swimming trunks.

Arg recently talked about his weight loss regimen, revealing that he is working to have a lean body in the gym.

In a commercial published by Boxup gyms, he pointed to his sides and said, “This will disappear. The fat from my back will disappear, my thighs will become thin, my arms will be booming. “

He was then shown running, jumping and waving his arms in the boxing ring before they showed a transformation.

After swelling to a 26th weight of 13 pounds, Arg took drastic action and opted for gastric sleeve surgery, in which part of the stomach is removed to reduce the size of the portion it can hold.

The £ 10,000 operation, which Arg paid for himself, was performed by the Transform Hospital Group at the private Burcot Hall hospital near Birmingham.

Arg told us, “I was very nervous before the operation because I knew it was a big decision that would change my life.

“Some weight loss surgeries can be canceled, but the one I knew I needed was permanent because 70 percent of my stomach was cut off.

“But I was so far away, my life was on the line. I’ve always been on a yo-yo diet and lost weight up and down, but I’ve never achieved anything close to 27 before, and this time I needed help.

“My surgeon, Martin Richardson, was great throughout the entire process and post-operative care.”

Arg was 27th in his heaviest weight class


Arg was 27th in his heaviest weight class1 credit
James pictured in May 2021.


James pictured in May 2021.1 credit
James loves water and has already tried to swim across the English Channel.


James loves water and has already tried to swim across the English Channel.1 credit
The star has come a long way since it was pictured here in 2019.


The star has come a long way since it was pictured here in 2019.Credit: Getty – Member
James Argent on Epic 13 Weight Loss Journey During Grueling Gym Workout

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