Tracey Grimshaw clashes with Scott Morrison on Nine A Current Affair ahead of the federal election

Tracey Grimshaw held back nothing in her scathing assessment of Scott Morrison during a fiery interview with Nine A Current Affair.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison answered a wild question in a head-to-head confrontation with A Current Affair’s Tracey Grimshaw, who asked him that he may have been “slightly exaggerating” his claim that he saved the country.


Under brutal interrogation, the veteran presenter could not resist when she suggested that the prime minister was not the superhero he presented himself to voters.

“Prime Minister, at the presentation on Sunday you said you saved the country,” she said.

“You don’t hold a hose, you don’t rip people off rooftops in your tin can, you don’t spend a 16-hour day in PPE in COVID wards, you don’t get enough vaccines fast enough, you don’t get enough RATs so we finally have there was a festive interstate for Christmas and China set up based in the Solomon Islands,” she said.

“Do you think maybe you overdid it a bit with the part about saving the country?”

In response, the Prime Minister responded to the hard-hitting question by saying, “Well, that’s a pretty long list that you were able to come up with.”


“But let me say that we have come out of this pandemic better than almost any other country in the world,” he said.

“I constantly recognize the great resilience and strength of the Australians and I supported them along with Josh Frydenberg and my entire team and that is how Australia has survived by supporting the Australians and our policy is doing that. Of course, I have my critics, not everything we did worked out perfectly, but I can tell you, if you sum up, Tracey, what we were able to do in Australia compared to countries around the world, our economic plan worked. .


Grimshaw began with a question that many have pondered since the prime minister compared himself to a heavy truck last week: “How long have you known you’re a bulldozer?” she said.

It was a reference to the prime minister’s recent statement that he would “change” if re-elected leader, and admits his approach has alienated some female voters.

And when did he become a bulldozer? The Prime Minister said that this was not a sudden situation.

“I have been like this for some time,” he said.

“The most exciting thing in the next three years… we are on the edge of a lot of opportunities.”

Grimshaw then asked the Prime Minister, “What would you do differently if you knew so many Australians held a grudge.”

“I think I could definitely be more sensitive at times, there’s no doubt about that,” he replied.

Mr Morrison again blamed the Department of Health for the slow pace of vaccine introduction, which he once said was “not a race”.

“If I could get the military to deploy the vaccine sooner, we did it in May, first we did it through the Ministry of Health, if we had done it earlier, and I think it would have made a difference.

Mr Morrison said he “doesn’t regret” canceling the French submarine contract, even if it cost taxpayers $5 billion.

“I did exactly what the national interest demanded, and since then I have no regrets,” he said.

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